Make the ‘value of your customer care’ as your business differentiator
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Jan 25, 2016

Make the ‘value of your customer care’ as your business differentiator

Customer Care – You must have overheard or had a discussion where exemplary customer service was the focal point? You know, the “I would certainly recommend them” or the “I will definitely be using their service again” instances.

In a world where the customer experience is increasingly becoming more important to both consumer & provider, producing these nuggets of joy should carry a scientific, if not studious approach by business.

Providing a seamless pleasurable experience in all areas of customer engagement is surely on the must do list of all customer facing businesses. The multi-faceted objectives of businesses coupled with regulatory or other tangible restrictions doesn’t always enable a “spend to mend” mentality however.

Customer Service as the Holy Grail

So how can we attain this accolade of total customer satisfaction without great risk and expense? A solution that sets out to create a plethora of tangible business benefits with an incredibly short ROI would be ideal? (3 months in the case of nTelos Wireless coupled with a 60% reduction in the number of support tickets raised).

Parature will ferry your business across the choppy waters by providing a self-service portal that eliminates pain from the experience by reducing the number of touch points a customer must fulfil in order to accomplish their goal.

Understand your customer (not just know who they are)

Project an image of consultative expertise online with Google analytics running in the background providing even more customer information. Build knowledge base of articles from search intelligence and run reports on what content is popular and valuable. Become the purveyor of your businesses relevance. Increase customer loyalty by connecting with customers to deliver the best value and experience, no matter what channel the customer prefers.

Empower, empower, empower

Empower your customers by enabling them to engage with you from anywhere with tablet / mobile device functionality. Provide them with relative constant access to information and real 24/7 support and help dispel the myth.

Internally – Provide a working environment where proficient technical staff are set free to tackle appropriate level tasks over repetitive mind-numbing errands – this should invigorate employee satisfaction. Enable agents to become ‘kings online’ – where they can view the entire case history whilst interacting on chat.


But don’t just take our word for it, in any language (Parature has 36 currently available) a customer service portal that incentivises the user to self-serve and consequently save everybody time – has got to be worth a look.

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