Major news in the next CRM Spring Release
AlfaPeople |
Jan 18, 2016

Major news in the next CRM Spring Release

CRM Spring Release – Spring is here and that means one thing!  New, exciting upgrades for CRM Online customers!

There is of course a lot of news, but I will try and make it a bit more manageable and tell you what I believe is the most notable news from the spring release.

This year’s spring release on CRM Online is being rolled out to existing customers as we speak and it includes both upgrades to CRM but also to Dynamics Marketing & Social Engagement (formally known as “social listening”) and in ½ years time this release will also be available for on premise customers.

Analysis – Mobility – Social selling

The main themes for the new update are; improved analysis capabilities, optimized mobile experience and use of “social selling”.

These capabilities enable companies to create a better customer experience and to work proactively towards customers (i.e. leverage on social knowledge) instead of working reactively based on direct customer interaction.

A lot of this knowledge comes from the improved analysis capabilities i.e. the integration to Microsoft PowerBI (new capabilities inside PowerBI) as well as analysis of business data, using Excel embedded directly in CRM.

Below you can see two examples on these new analysis possibilities:

PowerBI based analysis of CRM data (in this case based on social interaction). PowerBi is Microsoft’s solution for collection, organizing and displaying business data in an easy and graphical way.

Use of Excel to extract and analyze data directly in CRM (please note currently only possible if using Excel on-line/office365)

Increase the sales productivity

Other news in the spring release that could have an impact on sales productivity are:

  • Embedded use of OneNote for handling i.e. meeting notes
  • Improved “app” for tablets and smartphones, enabling unified user experience across devices and provides better flexibility that earlier versions
  • For companies using Microsoft Social Engagement; an integration that enables sales with a deep insight into the customers interaction on social medias and, based on this, automatic generation of leads and opportunities

How is this relevant for you?

The experience is that many customers are having a difficult time getting insights into the relevance of the capabilities that are coming with the new releases of CRM. Therefore AlfaPeople are now, over the next 2 months, offering a free ‘Business Value Assessment’ workshop, that will, based on your current CRM version, determine which capabilities in the new available version will be applicable to you and what the potential business cases associated with this are.

Read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 here.

If you want to hear more about how AlfaPeople can help with the implementation of new Microsoft business technology, contact us here.