How a CRM solution can help you to know your clients
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Nov 03, 2016

How a CRM solution can help you to know your clients

CRM solution – In recent years the economy has changed dramatically with the use of technology. Regardless of the environment in which we develop devices and mobile applications that we value and which are always present, we have changed thanks to internet access which gives us an unprecedented ability to connect and share our professional and personal lives with others, providing access to all information, personal information and public profiles, thus empowering customers and users to have more information to make purchasing decisions.

This change has created a great advantage for the companies to better understand their customers and identify the necessary information to meet the needs of their current customers, attract new customers, be able to respond quickly and develop ideas and processes that adapt to their demands and offer positive experiences, strengthening the relation with their customers.

Companies must double their efforts and be conscious of this change which has transformed into a powerful tool for individuals to impact the image of a brand with a simple Tweet. Businesses must proactively understand these natural changes if they want to effectively engage their clients.

The sales team must adapt to this new era, to a different sales process in which the customer already has the necessary information when he or she wants to purchase something. Customers are less dependent and because of this it is necessary to interact in an effective manner, considering the new wave of social and mobile customers, developing relationships that create opportunity for the business, an acknowledgement on their birthday, for example, or for their work anniversary or new employee. Gestures such as these are often useful for future business interactions.

Initially the CRM solutions were developed with the objective of generating reports so management could obtain an exact prognostic, but this meant a whole day updating their tasks and activities performed. Also, these solutions were not designed for a mobile and social world like we have today and because of that they turned out to be ineffective.

Dynamics CRM now offers a complete solution for managing client relationships, assisting with the research and making social contacts that deliver valuable information that can be obtained from various sources, connecting with your sales team from any location, to find the information and resources necessary to generate your desired results and obtain simple access to a shared work space that permits collaboration with members of their team on sales proposals from wherever you are and on any device you want.

Furthermore, connect with your customers, know them and create meaningful relationships that allow you to construct a long term relationship, use technology to reduce costs and catalyze the growth of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers you a totally safe environment based on the cloud which functions like an application, just like the ones you already use. You can manage and improve your client connections, manage the growth of your business and protect your information and that of your clients wherever and whenever you want.

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