Growing from Brick and Mortar Retail to Omni-Channel
AlfaPeople |
Mar 17, 2016

Growing from Brick and Mortar Retail to Omni-Channel

Brick and Mortar Retail – While some may feel nostalgic for the days when brick and mortar stores were all family run  businesses that comprised the heart of the community, in today’s omni-channel economy, commerce looks very different. Technology and innovation rule the day and even small businesses are part of a larger global picture. Competition is fierce as companies continually work to streamline production and distribution and reach a wider audience. Maintaining the status quo without implementing dynamic solutions that address an ever-evolving marketplace will inevitably lead to a failed business.

Fortunately, there are available solutions that are already perfectly positioned to grow with your business with an omni-channel marketing effort that will allow any brick and mortar store to launch a successful online presence. Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the most versatile, flexible and scalable software solutions on the market. It can be easily integrated with any existing software you have while also taking your ERP and CRM system to a new level. Dynamics AX allows you to take a comprehensive approach to finance, sales, marketing, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and all other areas of your business from day one. This means that taking the leap from a brick and mortar business to an online store can be a smooth transition.

One of the biggest challenges successful businesses face it how to expand in an intelligent and responsible way. This requires the right tools and the right strategy. Dynamics AX provides businesses with an omni-channel fulfillment plan that both encourages and helps to manage growth. Not only does the software help implement plans, it also provides important reporting tools that allow you to have real insight into customer buying patterns. The software’s communication tools also allow for collaboration so that planning and executing solutions can continue to be a dynamic process.

What really sets Dynamics AX apart from other software is that it offers a single software architecture that is scalable, adaptable and can handle global operations. Users don’t have to worry about endless updates that take time to adopt. New versions will seamlessly blend with the existing architecture without creating a new learning curve that means costly down time for you and your employees. The scalable design means that Dynamics AX is flexible enough to start with a small business and grow to handle global transactions. In fact, Microsoft Dynamics AX is currently operating in over half the countries in the world.

Achieving measured and sustainable growth means investing in the right people and tools. In today’s business world where omni-channel marketing is the new standard, Dynamics AX is a worthy purchase that will yield a significant return on investment. You can feel confident about working with the Microsoft brand and enjoying the reliability and innovation that is inherent in their products. Dynamics AX will be the only CRM software you will ever have to purchase because it is specifically designed to help you grow.

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