AX7 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations in 10 weeks
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Dec 08, 2016

AX7 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations in 10 weeks

AX7 – Going cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 marks not only a shift in technology, it also forces you to rethink your implementation approach. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 doesn’t differ a lot in terms of functionality yet, however the implementation approach is very different, and the traditional way of selecting and implementing a new ERP is changing dramatically, when you go cloud.

Many companies who needs to refresh the ERP backend, are typically looking a cloud as a way to simplify their IT infrastructure, and get a cost model, which shifts the cost from CAPEX to OPEX, with a pay as you go model.

The same companies are still considering a traditional waterfall selection process, where they spend 4-6 month going through RFI and RFP process in order to get a price quote, and a response to the business requirements they had last year.

They all have the same complain – we need more speed, and we need to be more agile and flexible – but they still keep their legacy processes and business requirement, and not to mention integration requirements to legacy systems.

The traditional model doesn’t take into consideration, that Microsoft with Satya Nadella behind the rudder, is becoming one of the most innovative IT companies out there, and we see new features functionality supporting new ways of doing business almost on a monthly basis.

The fact that you see new features and possibilities on such a frequent basis, really conflicts with traditional thinking of ERP implementations, with an analyze, design, build and deployment phase spread over 9 -12 month.

AlfaPeople was approached before the summer holidays by a client, who was stuck with a huge legacy implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, but still wanted to test out a new business idea knowing that this was impossible to achieve, with their current legacy implementation of ERP.

How hard can it be – we have 3000 products and one vendor, and we need to open a new store as soon as possible to test out this idea we have. The challenge was accepted, and I can’t say the implementation was a walk in the park, and we gained a lot of valuable experience of the strong and weak points of Microsofts cloud offering especially where you need to change your approach.

Download our whitepaper and read more about how you as a company needs to think different from now on in relation to procuring and implementation of a new ERP-platform. We will also address the following questions:

  • What challenges does it give to go in the Cloud in only 10 weeks?
  • How does Microsoft Cloud affect the IT organization and the business?
  • How could we implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations in only 10 weeks?

Do you have questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations or would like to hear more about what possibilities that the cloud solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 can give you and your company, then down hesitate to contact us.Henrik Bo Christoffersen

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