AMF: Global tools for international companies
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Dec 01, 2016

AMF: Global tools for international companies

AMF – Are you globally active? Do you need fast and secure support solutions for your central IT applications? Do you need professional services 365 days a year for your ERP and/or CRM users? AlfaPeople’s Applications Maintenance Framework (AMF) supports your end users and your IT team and ensures smooth operation.

Nearly every company today has implemented an ERP solution. Not matter what industry you operate in and how many employees you have working on the national and/or international market, an ERP solution is essential. In addition to the diverse and sensitive business areas being covered today by ERP systems, in the past few years another system has emerged that is becoming increasingly important. These are CRM systems, which companies are increasingly using to manage their sales, marketing and service activities. In modern IT infrastructure, central database solutions are predominant in these systems, which in most cases requires extensive involvement of the IT department. So a global support system can get very expensive and labour intensive very quickly. Support outside of local core operation times or commitments on Sundays and holidays when other branches are working are all cost factors that are reflected in your IT department.

This is a serious issue especially for internationally established companies with users in different time zones. Added to this, there are also aggravating factors such as different holidays, different languages, cost-intensive availability of your own IT resources, etc. As one of the largest and most important Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM partners worldwide, AlfaPeople has taken these problems on and developed the AMF (Applications Maintenance Framework). AlfaPeople offers professional support for Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and interfaces for peripheral systems. AMF enables support worldwide 365 days a year at affordable prices. Take the weight off your IT department and use AlfaPeople’s AMF for support for your ERP and CRM applications.

AlfaPeople makes a team of multiple AX and/or CRM professionals available who just take care of a specific customer. All of our support personnel are familiar with the customer solution and the processes and can react on short notice with their expertise. That’s how we ensure that customer solutions are always stable. Whether it’s for support for specialist users or your IT professionals, AMF is 100% available 24/7 all year around including holidays and weekends.

AMF support is scalable and available in different packages. The smallest package includes a minimum commitment of at least 25 hours per month. Of course, you can always include additional support hours or book a larger package.

The unique AMF programme by AlfaPeople offers you a wealth of benefits such as stable and high-quality service, a proven management model, predictable costs, availability of resources, etc.

Would you like to know more about AlfaPeople’s AMF programme? Our personnel would be happy to advise you and can provide detailed information about how you can optimise your support and availability while simultaneously lowering your costs. You can find additional information about this on our website.

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