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Lubin Hoque is appointed as Vice President of Sales and UK General Manager

2020-09-07T14:08:47+01:00September 7th, 2020|

London- September 7, 2020: AlfaPeople is an international Microsoft partner covering EMEA, LATAM and US regions delivering tried and trusted implementation and support for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business technology suite. As part of the Microsoft InnerCircle, we have been recognised amongst the top 1% of Microsoft partners for the 11th consecutive year. Our people and culture are at the [...]

Everything you need to know about Project Oakdale

2020-08-14T12:42:06+01:00August 5th, 2020|

What is Project Oakdale? A low-code platform to build the Power Apps for Microsoft Teams. It provides relational data storage and supports rich data types. Additionally, Microsoft also announced that Common Data Service has now been renamed to Project Oakdale. Is it a new service? Project Oakdale is CDS, just with some of the enterprise [...]

Microsoft Inspire 2020 – A different inspire

2020-07-28T14:22:49+01:00July 28th, 2020|

We were used to large events in major Canadian or US cities, with sprawling setups and impressive celebratory parties and dinners; lots of food, fruit, snacks and beverages; loads of transportation logistics; plenty of security personnel, catering, guides, custodial work... Large crowds at hotels, museums, zoos, restaurants, bars and parks and the terrific trade-fair, with [...]

Keynote – Satya Nadella Inspire 2020

2020-07-27T15:08:39+01:00July 27th, 2020|

The global crisis presented an opportunity for everyone to respond, but if we could highlight a rapid response it was the vital drive for digital and accessible technology across industries. Everyday innovation – From Covid-19 Symptom checking bot's, QR code scanner for digital menus to remote assistance working – businesses, communities, and services everywhere adapted [...]

Stay in touch with your clients with Microsoft Dynamics 365

2020-07-27T13:38:11+01:00July 27th, 2020|

2020 has been a year that no person or company was ready to deal with, and during this crisis, we've realized that technology is being used by many companies around the world in order to keep businesses running and communicating during the COVID-19 pandemic. The current situation we are going through confirms what many great [...]

AlfaPeople delivers the biggest news from Microsoft Inspire 2020

2020-07-23T13:44:39+01:00July 22nd, 2020|

Are you ready to get inspired? Once a year Microsoft invites its global partners to a 3-day conference celebrating joint successes, discussing developments and challenges and present the latest innovations in the Microsoft product portfolio. In short: At Inspire, we set the course for another year of cooperation with one goal: to ensure your organization's [...]

Infographic: 3 ways to benefit from Usage Monitoring

2020-06-04T13:28:42+01:00April 20th, 2020|

AlfaPeople's Usage Monitoring gives you the insight to build a smarter, ROI-friendly licensing set-up of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) system. Fully grasp your current user patterns, find your best pathways to GDPR compliance and save money.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance: The only tool for hassle-free fiscal calendar management

2020-03-20T12:46:47+00:00March 17th, 2020|

As technology advances, companies are facing multiple financial challenges related to managing and adjusting fiscal calendars. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance has brought significant progress in the way firms control their data, providing agile and simple functionality for the administration of data at a financial level. What are fiscal calendars? Fiscal calendars are a set of [...]

Long and complex sales cycles require impeccable customer experience with Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

2020-03-13T12:57:07+00:00February 6th, 2020|

The real estate industry boom of a few years ago has since died down, and among the core areas of focus for future-driven firms in the sector must be innovation and the optimization of their customer service delivery. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is an ally in the battle to successfully merge customers and real [...]

Shared Intelligence: How people and machines are working together to build a new era in innovation

2020-06-25T20:27:31+01:00November 6th, 2019|

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly risen to the top of IT giant Microsoft's scorecard. This year's Microsoft Business Summit (#MBS19) in Frankfurt, Germany proved how important this key technology is to the organisation. Over three days, and under the motto "Shared Intelligence", the focus was on connecting people and machines with AI in order to [...]

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