Many of our customers have made this move already and you might be interested to hear why they did it, and what life is like for them now.

We have collated their feedback below:

  1. Increased user adoption: previous finance or ERP systems were clunky to use and difficult to access. Dynamics F&O is a breath of fresh air with users able to access on any device, eliminating the need for painful access processes just to check financial information
  2. Reducing total cost of ownership: and your IT team will love it. They can rely on Microsoft Azure to manage security, business continuity, data recovery, easy environment provisioning and no hardware to worry about. On top of that the upgrade process is managed through cloud provisioning which we are now all used to so that you always have access to the latest features
  3. Easy to get started: with apps available to get you started quickly, with more out of the box functionality than ever before, and with the ability to easily configure and customise, our customers have seen implementation times faster than ever before
  4. Game changing reports: with Power BI built in users have real-time visibility through intuitive tools that get the answers you need quickly and easily, and help you make faster decisions based on accurate and up to date data
  5. Getting your money’s worth: with a return on investment of 60% according to Forrester’s 2018 study and payback periods under 20 months, getting buy in to move to Dynamics 365 F&O has never been easier. We have helped may customers with their business case and we are here to help you. You can read the full Forrester report here.