Turn retail POS into a central point of control
AlfaPeople |
May 25, 2017

Turn retail POS into a central point of control

Today’s point-of-sale (POS) systems are much more than a mechanism to complete retail transactions. They can be part of comprehensive retail system solutions that create better opportunities to turn transaction data into a focal point for centralized store management and multi-channel retailing.

One such cloud-based solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365, integrates retail POS data with multiple business applications to help you improve customer engagement while better managing your business. It merges enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, making it easier to harness all information that enables your organization to grow, adapt, and evolve to meet customer needs.

Take control of your future

With today’s retail trend toward proactive customer service and relationship management, the benefits of sharing data throughout the entire retail management process are greater than ever. In many cases, sales data, stock management logistics, and financial performance are already well coordinated within ERP solutions. Being able to maximize the value of CRM activities with respect to operations data offers greater efficiency in generating future success.

Satisfy multiple opportunities, in one system

The right IT solution makes it easier to benefit from shared data among all aspects of your operation. Dynamics 365 offers significant advantages for correlating quantitative data from sales, inventory, and financial results against qualitative performance from customer preferences, behaviors, and responsiveness to loyalty programs or promotional appeals.

  • Data collection. With Dynamics 365, all data you collect as a consequence of any ERP or CRM activity goes to one unified database with a common format. That strengthens your ability to share and compare data, cultivate stronger customer relationships, and identify new sales prospects. It also lets you target or personalize future marketing and promotional efforts based on your knowledge of POS activity.
  • Channel connectivity. When customers want to navigate across multiple sales channels – such as in-store, on-line, or catalog promotions – anything less than seamless experiences can create roadblocks to sales. Dynamics 365 helps you expose customers to consistent brand-image and customer-service experiences regardless of which channels they travel.
  • Customer loyalty. You’ll also want every promotional offering or loyalty program reward to have the same follow-through, regardless of how a transaction is initiated or completed. Dynamics 365 makes it easy to track customer response across all channels and promotions.
  • Stock management. Managing appropriate inventory levels, regardless of which channel completes the sale, is critical to being prepared for every sales opportunity. Accurate forecasting based on past customer reactions to special promotions and add-on sales is also part of the inventory equation. Having a system that correlates POS activity with CRM strategies and financial performance goes a long way toward maximizing sales opportunities.

Evolve from data collection to data empowerment

As valuable as collecting data from multiple channels can be, being able to analyze it in real time and model it to develop more effective retail sales strategies against the competition is the real bonus. Dynamics 365 provides built-in Power BI (Business Intelligence) capabilities to capitalize on customer insights, improve overall customer experiences, and enable in-store employees to serve customers faster and more accurately.

Protect your own best interests

If you are concerned about your competitive position, missed sales opportunities, or your brand image across multiple channels, let an AlfaPeople consultant give you a tour of Dynamics 365. Learn how its extensive analytical power can help you accelerate your digital transformation and leverage POS, ERP, and CRM data to chart progress and formulate more competitive strategies to drive sales, customer service, and marketing efficiency.

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