Interview with Roberto Zuniga V.
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Jun 08, 2022

Interview with Roberto Zuniga V.

Protab is a technology company specializing in mining industry automation, as well as the design and implementation of Applied Technological Solutions to support operational connectivity needs in mining, in real time. With a focus on availability and added value for the client through the use of data, today Protab has more than 200 professionals with extensive experience and official certifications that allow it to carry out turnkey projects of high technological complexity, ensuring customers can operate in real time on their management platforms.

Roberto Zúñiga, Deputy Manager of People Management at Protab, tells us about the digital transformation of his area.

What was the company’s situation before the implementation of Talent?

The company has gone through different stages of maturity in terms of information management. The People Management area has played a key role in this process. Before Dynamics 365 for Talent, we managed our processes with multiple tools. This meant information and databases were dispersed and team members often wasted time accessing and using information.

Did you know about Talent beforehand? How did you arrive at this project?

I didn’t know about Dynamics 365 for Talent, however, we knew that Microsoft Dynamics 365 was preparing different modules and perfecting their AX system. When we heard about D365 for Talent, we considered AlfaPeople as an option to begin preparing a project to implement this ERP (Talent). For us, it was important to work with a comprehensive, world-class ERP that would allow us to manage information and work on maintaining our information in a user-friendly manner.

What were the objectives of this implementation?

The main objectives were working with an easy-to-use ERP and being able to maintain it without feeling like it created additional work; on the contrary, the idea was for it to help us manage our processes and lighten the team’s current workload.

What were the benefits obtained from this implementation?

Our main objective was to better manage information in human resources. We wanted a tool that unified the inputs made by our staff in the self-service module, one that would allow us to work through the different stages of an employee’s lifecycle, from recruitment and selection to their career path in our company.

We have now implemented the first stage, so we’ve mainly seen results in our internal management, and these have been good. Having more time to focus on analyzing information instead of typing has turned us into a team that can provide opinions and indicators to other areas and internal clients within the company. On the other hand, we’re confident that by implementing the self-service module for our employees, we will also manage to establish ourselves as a team available to all of the company’s staff, allowing us to create a stronger bond.

What short- and long-term effects has this implementation had on the company?

In the short term, it has allowed us to reduce time spent on internal management, while enabling us to generate more accurate reports for our internal customers. We haven’t been using the tool in our production environment for very long; however, in terms of the department’s strategic view, we’ve already noticed the advantages our team gets from using a Talent-fed dashboard for our processes.

How would you assess AlfaPeople’s role in this process?

AlfaPeople has played a key role. Firstly, they have shown absolute professionalism throughout the process, from first contact through to training sessions. AlfaPeople and their consultants have accompanied the company during each stage of the ERP implementation, which has streamlined our engagement and understanding of the tool.