Life at AlfaPeople
By Ameed Sheikh
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Senior Solution Architect

I recently heard that AlfaPeople are looking for 21(!) new colleagues to join the Denmark office. Things are going really well and new, big projects are coming in the door. That made me think about why people should actually join the company and why I work here myself. I often get the question when I talk about work and I guess this is a good opportunity to tell my story, so people get a feeling of AlfaPeople and what the company is all about.

So here goes:

Why did I join AlfaPeople? Why this place and not some of the competitors?

It goes back in history, as they say, it’s a small world. I had worked with some of the senior managers in my previous jobs, so I was much aware of how the environment would be before I joined. Management sets the stage and the culture in the company. Seeing that I was going to spend a lot of time at work, it was important for me to be at a place where I could develop and also have fun.

AlfaPeople has lots of big, international projects. The company is actually one of the largest Microsoft partners in the world when it comes to international projects.

“One of the key motivating factors for working at AlfaPeople is the international perspective. I’m part of large international projects that pose challenges while keeping me encouraged to do my best. For me, this is key to self-actualization. Bottom line: if you want to build or expand your portfolio on international clientele, AlfaPeople provides an excellent platform to do exactly that.”

My job requires a certain extent of freedom in taking decisions. This is only influenced by professional diligence, and no other factor. Alongside, it also requires a high degree of responsibility & ownership. Freedom at work thrives my creativity in each decision I make and each action I take. And the fact that management doesn’t pose limitations on my time and location of work allows me a great deal of flexibility. The flexibility to structure my work, is only required to be aligned with clients’ working models.

“As long as you are delivering results and is passionate about your work, you can work from wherever. I believe this is a key benefit at AlfaPeople, and not that common elsewhere. The environment here really inculcates the practice: “Enjoy Your Work”.”

When it comes to projects, I have been working with a large international client for more than 80% of my tenure with AlfaPeople. The highlight with this client is that we are always challenged, not only by the client, but also by another supplier. You see, we work hand-in-hand with consultants and developers from other suppliers. I am talking about a client with a huge CRM solution implemented by AlfaPeople over the last 6 years in 20+ countries across Europe.

For this client we have implemented a number of custom features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform/application, yet being very focused on the system’s maintainability through well-defined review processes. This combination is great, because this truly challenges me and helps me move forward in my professional career with AlfaPeople.

One of my biggest achievements has been to secure AlfaPeople the title of strategic partner for this large international account. I find it extremely rewarding that this title strengthened our position as key provider for this client in CRM centered enterprise solutions. Just 2 years ago we were concerned we wouldn’t be able to keep the pace and complexity of services. I find pride in mentioning that I played a key role in securing this title and it’s very encouraging that AlfaPeople’s management realized my efforts in making this happen.

As a concluding remark, I would like to say:

If you want to work on great international projects, and you seek flexibility and a high degree of responsibility, then AlfaPeople is the place to be. You’ll have the opportunity to develop and be part of a company that is growing rapidly.

Have a look at the open job positions here.