Swiss Bankers is well-equipped for the future – more stability and performance for increasing job order volume

Microsoft Dynamics partner AlfaPeople AG has carried out a comprehensive redesign of Dynamics AX for its long-term client Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG. The revision of the core processes leads to a significant improvement in performance as well as higher stability. This step was necessary, so that Swiss Bankers can adapt to new market conditions and be equipped for growing job order volume in the future.

AlfaPeople has successfully completed the complete revision of Dynamics AX at the Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG. The company functions, among other things, as a service provider for Swiss banks. It is a leader in the development, distribution and processing of prepaid cards. Swiss Bankers also develops distribution platforms for prepaid cards.

Core processes have been partially redesigned or optimised in the wake of the redesigns.

“Before the project, the maximum volume amounted to approximately 2500 job orders per day”, explains Dirk Blumenthal, CIO of Swiss Bankers. The volume tested without any problems is now over 10,000 orders. This spectacular increase was achieved within the project as measured value.”

Thus one of the main objectives was fully achieved – a job order should now be processed in only one second. In addition to more than quadruple increase in daily order processing potential, the redesign brings other benefits: Due to the adjusted core processes, a majority of orders can now be handled automatically, without intervention of employees. In addition, handling and implementation have been simplified and made more flexible. Thus, Swiss Bankers is able to respond quickly and efficiently to seasonal fluctuations or special circumstances, which clearly enhances customer satisfaction.

“The AlfaPeople and Swiss Bankers team stands out due to a good and smooth cooperation. The result of the redesign has exceeded our expectations”, notes Dirk Blumenthal, CIO of Swiss Bankers, contentedly.

“We are proud that we could carry out a project together with our long-time client, the Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG, on a level playing field. We look forward to another successful, years of cooperation in partnership”, says Hugo B. Kälin, managing partner at AlfaPeople Switzerland.

About Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG

Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG is an established, internationally oriented service company focused on providing services to Swiss banks. It has diversified into new lines of business very successfully. Swiss Bankers Travellers Cheque Centre was founded in 1975 in order to issue the Swiss Bankers Travellers Cheque in Swiss francs. In 2008, the company changed its legal form. It continues as a public limited company under the name Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG since then.

Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG is headquartered in Grosshöchstetten near the city of Bern. In the business year of 2016, 57 employees was working with the development, processing, distribution and servicing of prepaid cards, as well as with the shipping service of travel money. The development, distribution and processing of prepaid cards constitute the present core business of the company. Swiss Bankers wants to continue to expand its leading position in this market.