Life At AlfaPeople
By Aqil Akram
Dynamics CRM Developer in AlfaPeople

Aqil is one of those people who always seems to be smiling and emanating positive energy. He’s a great colleague and is always ready to chat. Having over 11 years of professional experience, Aqil has worked on several large Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects and has had the opportunity to work both in pre-sales and as a business consultant, in addition to his hiring role as the Application Developer. I sat down with him to get his view on AlfaPeople. Aqil was easily able to tell me six good reasons to join AlfaPeople. Have a look at what he has to say!

1. Opportunity to Grow

“First of all, a key benefit of working in AlfaPeople is the opportunities you are given to grow. Normally, when you start working in an IT company, you are tagged as a developer or a business consultant. In AlfaPeople it’s not like that. Here, you are given every prospect to develop your skills. Throughout the year, I have been given opportunities to work in a pre-sales role and as a business consultant, in addition to my hiring role. These challenges have kept me very motivated, and I’ve learned a lot.”

2. Work-life Balance

“Another benefit of working here is the work-life balance. Of course, the output matters a lot, but we have a relaxed environment and that allows me to work with a very different motivation and a different energy level. Combined with trust from the managers, it increases both loyalty and commitment and this enables me to actually deliver results more quickly.”

3. Flexible Working Hours

“At AlfaPeople, we have flexible working hours. What matters is the results, not the hours spent in the office. If I come in late or leave early some days, management doesn’t say anything, because they know that I’ll deliver on time.”

4. Team Support and Trust

“At AlfaPeople, team support is the key. The project manager supports you, so you are able to deliver on time. The teamwork here is also very good. When you are assigned a project, you are not alone. Your colleagues will help you throughout, especially in the beginning. That was very important to me when I started. Also, trust is high at AlfaPeople. If you are given a task, management trusts that you will deliver or that you’ll tell them if you are not able to do so.”

5. Education and Training

“The Management Team in AlfaPeople is interested in your development and they invest in your professional growth. As part of your year’s goals, you are given every option to improve your skills by attending training or self-teaching whereby you can learn new skills and add value to projects. Since I joined AlfaPeople, I have attended various training programs, and they have inspired me to achieve my yearly goals.”

6. Open-desk Environment

“And last, but not least, a great benefit of working here is the open-desk environment and the relaxed atmosphere. In the office, we talk a lot, discuss new challenges, play fussball, and there are events scheduled every month. There is a mix of talented and energetic people here, always willing to socialize, and we learn a great deal from each other.”

Join AlfaPeople

AlfaPeople is a company that is in constant development. We are always looking for new team members that can help us grow in the right direction.

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Dynamics CRM Developer at AlfaPeople