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Underpinning Porini’s business is the comprehensive portfolio of products based on Microsoft Dynamics and Azure, including ERP, CRM and BI solutions, designed for use by both medium-sized and enterprise-level organisations.

Of particular benefit to textile companies is a solution called Apparel & Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX.  It’s a full-service business management service to ensure that Porini’s clients in the industry can operate with scalability, adaptability and seamlessly across international borders, so that these benefits are realised when working with their own customers.  As an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics AX and designed within the AX kernel, it provides enhanced capabilities with menus and tables that are perfectly suitable for the complexities involved in managing processes in the apparel industry.

Selected by 38 clients in 18 countries in the last two years, clients will benefit from:

  • A combination of integrated PLM and collaboration plans as well as customised processes in the areas of manufacturing, buying and sourcing and distribution, bringing valuable business agility to operations. Blanket orders, multi-level manufacturing and purchase orders with allocation projections are available on a day-to-day basis;
  • Greater control of costs and net profit by the ability to integrate industry specific information, such as seasonal or brand-level clothing performance into the financial management systems;
  • Support for multiple currencies and languages to enable truly capable international operations, aiding communication and reducing project costs; and
  • The ability to trace and manage multiple material and product lines utilising multi-dimensional, unique item code tracking from the raw materials through to the finished item and vice versa, involving interactions with sourcing, manufacturing, subcontractor management, inventory and logistics functions and partners.

To further support its clients, Porini has created a highly advanced proprietary integration framework, named PIL (Porini Integration Layer), to facilitate the integration with third party solutions including CAD and PLM as well as various scheduling and monitoring tools.

Companies operating in both the clothing and retail sector can also take advantage of inter-operability with two key Microsoft Dynamics solutions.  Firstly, to support customer loyalty programmes and store networks, Social CRM for Fashion & Retail is designed to integrate all actively-generated business data without causing any issues with other systems already in use.  The plug-in solution means that clients can manage:

  • Loyalty programmes including the full range of data from users’ behaviour;
  • Information about all purchases made by each customer, including graphical navigations;
  • Integration with all of the major social media platforms and social sentiment analysis platforms that are integrated into Dynamics CRM;
  • Customer insight produced by their behavior, purchases and preferences on the company website(s) as well as purchases offline, all of which can enhance and feed into marketing activities; and
  • Advanced clustering capabilities.

Social CRM for Fashion & Retail can be integrated into both head office and all stores, available to appropriate employees using desktops, tablets, mobile and other wireless devices.  This add-on significantly improves customer loyalty, increases the likelihood of repeat customer sales and the ability for businesses to enhance face-to-face and online selling techniques with 21st century technologies.

Secondly, Analytics for Fashion & Retail is a specific analytics and clustering solution, operating on tablets, desktops, mobile and wireless devices and fully integrates with the other add-on, Social CRM.  It provides companies with sophisticated fashion data modelling, interactive reports available through easy-to-use dashboards, a KPI-integrated system, predictive data mining and optimisation models.

In summary, Porini can help clients in the clothing and textile industry realise the potential inside their organisation.  They will benefit from the best practices gathered from working with multiple leading clothing brands and their customers, which have been applied to the creation of Porini’s unique solution, Apparel & Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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