Participate in global growth with AlfaPeople
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May 31, 2017

Participate in global growth with AlfaPeople

AlfaPeople is a multinational company that gives opportunities to many people around the world. I am one of these people, I am a systems engineer, I have spent 3 years in this great company, which opened its doors so that I could put into practice my knowledge and, above all, to expand it. When I joined the company, I did not know the world of Dynamics AX, but AlfaPeople supported me and, not only gave me a job opportunity, but also the opportunity to learn and train in one of its specialties as the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP.

Today, I work as a developer engineer in the area of technology. I have had the opportunity to carry out different rol activities. I have worked the area in which the products of the organization are built and improved; I have also worked in the support team, we meet the requirements of our clients to give them a better experience and solve incidents and doubts in a timely manner and with the best quality. I have participated in the project team, and I have had the opportunity to work with several clients in different economic sectors, developing quality customizations and new developments. In the same way, I had the opportunity to participate in large projects as for example the migration of an old version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 to a much more recent version: Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R3, that encompassed both the migration of its objects as all of the customer´s information (Data).

This, and each one of the projects in which I have participated, has greatly expanded my experience and knowledge, and have given me the opportunity to experience firsthand how great the tool is and how fascinating it is to belong to AlfaPeople.

AlfaPeople gave me the possibility to extend my knowledge in other tools like Power BI, solution designed to analyze and manage information. This has allowed me to understand firsthand how important is not only having the necessary data, but also knowing how to interpret it, so that companies can make the best decisions.

Every day you gain experience and new knowledge in AlfaPeople Dynamics 365 is not something to learn in a short time, despite having a great ease of use. At the level of development and logic, every day you learn more and more about the solution as a whole or a simple error, until the completion of new modules to provide a solution.

For AlfaPeople, its biggest and most important asset is us, its workers. For this reason the company provides a quiet and friendly work environment in which it is not only pleasant to work but also socialize with our colleagues.

One of the main values in AlfaPeople is teamwork, we are a very solid group that is formed in such a way that each one brings his knowledge and experiences to perform day by day the various tasks and arising activities, timely with the best quality.

The working environment is wonderful. Regardless of their role in the company, everyone is willing to contribute to achieve the company´s goals and support with charisma their colleagues along the way. This good energy encourages us every day to carry out our work with the best spirit.

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