Omni-channel, it’s more than meets the eye!
AlfaPeople |
May 16, 2016

Omni-channel, it’s more than meets the eye!

Omnichannel? Yes, our web site is responsive and we have a social media strategy.

It is not uncommon to be met with the above answer when asking about the omni-channel strategy of a retailer.

While cross device customer experience or having both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce touch points are important factors in being a successful omnichannel retailer, there is more to omni-channel than what meets the eye.

In fact, what the customer cannot see is just as important as the sexiness of a cutting edge web site that scales perfectly to any device and browser combination.

The foundation of Omni-channel success is built on enterprise back-end systems and the integrations between them

For any omni-channel retailer, back office operations, supporting analytics and integrated enterprise systems are imperative to succeed.

Point-of-sale, e-commerce platform, inventory and warehouse management, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, crm, customer service, business intelligence – all the systems in the enterprise architecture – are the foundation on which omni-channel success is built.

Retailers giving birth to omni-channel strategies should develop a well-defined strategy with a supporting IT roadmap that covers a 360 view of systems and tools that support the business.
This will be the foundation on which the omni-channel success is built.

The right systems and integrations alone don’t make your omni-channel strategy successful. Consider how to measure omnichannel and plan how to utilize the immense amount of data that can be captured to understand the dials and levers that can be used to influence the omnichannel experience.

It is a continuous journey so do not stop with what meets the eye.

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