Digital Marketing Automation with Code-K Campaign
AlfaPeople |
Mar 06, 2017

Digital Marketing Automation with Code-K Campaign

Code-K announces today Code-K Campaign for Microsoft Dynamics 365, an offer that will be available for customers and partners in the next months to come.

Code-K Campaign will transform Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a complete solution for digital marketing campaign automation. With easy-to-use tools to create automation flows, e-mail templates, conversion forms and landing pages, your marketing team will be able to create digital initiatives by its own, dragging and dropping components on a drawing board.

Code-K Campaign marketing automation will enable companies to quickly create e-mail or SMS campaigns and answer to each customer in a personalized way, according to each customer level of engagement. Reach your customer at the right moment of his journey, filtering and approaching your audience step by step, through automatize nurturing techniques the tool provides.

Send millions of emails with Code-K Campaign, and monitor the complete journey of the customer in the 360º vision provided by the CRM module of Dynamics 365. Automatize your marketing flows with scoring and activities, using conditions like e-mail openings and clicks.

Count with Code-K team to assure your campaigns are being designed correctly, in a way that minimizes bounces and complaints, assuring the messages get to the greatest possible number of people.

Using the power of Microsoft Azure in its flows, and built with the years of experience that Code-K has developing add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics, Code-K Campaign is the ideal solution for companies that use Dynamics 365, with its features totally integrated with the Enterprise version of the product.