In September of 2015, I returned to a path that I had left unfinished in AlfaPeople when returning to work as a pre-sales agent for CRM.

The reasons that made me come back were several: I missed the good work environment that AlfaPeople always provided and I was looking for a place where I can constantly grow and stay technologically updated. When I was presented with the opportunity to return I did not think twice!

I started with the illusion that a new challenge brings, with the great advantage that was like coming home. Many of the peers I previously left were still there, so I did not feel strange. I was received back with a lot of affection.

I was trained with all the necessary tools so I could give the best of me; the knowledge and experience of the peers in charge of my induction made me feel motivated and reinforced the feeling that day by day is worth growing. The challenge was great since in the area to which I was hired it is very dynamic, full of constant changes, and with a very different philosophy from an ERP.

I could describe my induction as successful and dynamic: Successful because I already knew the basics of the product and dynamic because I started to go with the sales partners in appointments with clients. It struck me that in these visits the vendor conceptualized the tool in a way that I could visualize the solution with only some strategic questions. This ability to capture the customer’s attention, to lure them with the benefits of the product, to be eloquent with the requirements and to balance them together with a budget, is the challenge that from the beginning I noticed that I had to achieve to reach a good closing.

I continued my process progressively and felt more secure; I started taking control of the processes related to my position in presales. Day by day I was putting into practice the knowledge acquired through a controlled process of analysis and receiving the necessary support to go gradually becoming a bastion of values of AlfaPeople.

My career at AlfaPeople

My role is important in the negotiation process, as I must technically show the prospect or client that our product meets their needs and expectations. This makes it necessary for my training process to be continuous, for me to be constantly informed about market trends and improving the techniques to apply this knowledge to facilitate the customer’s decision processes, always making us their best alternative.

The application of good practices, good implementation methodology, and experience in a variety of projects, makes us able to provide high-level solutions and has been a key and differentiating factor from the competition. As a professional, to see how all the experience and recognition open the doors for us in the market, has been a very important contribution to my resume.

I continue to grow and learn, by the hand of one of the best employers I have ever had. Thank you AlfaPeople for allowing me to grow as a professional and as a person.