It´s been 11 years since I came to AlfaPeople, but every year feels like the first one due to the dizzying and changing technologies, every day is a new challenge that must be successfully overcome.

As I mentioned 11 years ago I was invited to participate in a new professional challenge that I did not hesitate to accept at any time. When I arrived the first day I realized immediately that my decision to change had been the right one because more than a company I came to a family that welcomed me with open arms supporting me from the first minute in this new challenge.

Already established as a Platform Engineer, during my first year of operation, the company manager says to me: “I have a new challenge for you” my response was immediate: “What do I have to do?” So, I pass from leading the development of projects to face ERP and CRM implementations. Since that day my answer has always been the same, “What do I have to do?”

Of the things that I value most of in AlfaPeople, is that there is always an opportunity for those who are willing to face new challenges, valuing the growth of internal staff. This has allowed me to develop my career in different areas of the company, reaching positions of management where I have been able to transfer my knowledge to the teams that I have had to lead.

Another thing that must be emphasized in AlfaPeople is the compatibility between family and work since it always puts ahead the personal good before the work which I value in a special way since I don’t must be in the dilemma of deciding between work and family, which means that the work environment is always the best to boost teamwork.

In May of this year, again the same conversation arose “I have a new challenge for you” and again my response was the same “What do I have to do?” And here I am facing a new challenge in the Commercial Area, being in this new area has become a totally different challenge to those that I had already faced in Project Areas, but not far from the essence of AlfaPeople that is “always put first the customer”; in fact, this new position has allowed me to have a totally different approach with our clients since they look for in me a support to find the best solution and thus carry out their ideas.

This has required me to keep updated on the latest technologies since our mission is to have cutting-edge solutions for our customers that allow them to face their challenges with the latest cutting-edge technology no matter where it is. In this sense, AlfaPeople is the best company where I could have faced the commercial challenge since we are a company that adapts in an agile way to the new technologies allowing us to deliver to our customers value solutions to solve their business problems.

Key Account Manager at AlfaPeople