Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Achieve operational excellence and create
more engaging customer experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Did you know that it’s possible to integrate all your company’s business processes without the need of a large investment? Microsoft Dynamics 365, which encompasses a set of intelligent business-oriented applications, goes beyond traditional CRM and ERP. It connects internal teams, customers and partners, and automates processes ranging from digital marketing and demand generation, going through sales, financial management, production, and customer service activities. 

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  • Customer Service

    Differentiate yourself from your competitors with automation, self-service, and superior customer service.

    Customer Service
  • Field Service

    For field service, resource management, service scheduling, and route automation.

    Field Service
  • Finance

    Take advantage of state-of-the-art enterprise tools to gain a competitive edge in global business.

  • Human Resources

    Strategically attract, retain, and optimize your talent for high-impact business results.

    Human Resources
  • Marketing

    Create automation flows and deliver highly targeted experiences.

  • Sales

    Collaborative, Flexible, and Easy to Configure.


Make an impact, overcome barriers, adapt to everything and innovate in record time.

How can Dynamics 365 help your organization?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates operational, financial, and customer data into a single system, reducing data and information silos, as well as potential errors. In this way, it accelerates processes and consequently generates more efficiency.

Scalability and Intelligence

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your operation becomes hyperconnected, smooth, assertive, efficient, and productive, thus generating scale and more value for the business, as well as for customers and employees. The data managed by the applications provide predictive and AI-driven insights to help with quick decision-making.


With all processes integrated, your operation becomes faster. The exchange of information becomes fully automated, unified on a single screen, with more transparency in communication and data control, enabling a 360º view of the demands and their respective status.

Marcelo Barroso

Marcelo Barroso

Sales Manager

Marcelo Barroso

Sales Manager

“The benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are incalculable, but can be simplified in one word: control. Today, we have greater control of the stage at which leads are, based on their status; in pre-sales status, we have improved the amount of time invested in each opportunity and, in terms of customer documentation, we have reduced the amount of pending documents, among other benefits.”

Who else is using Dynamics 365?

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