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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Communication and Media

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the best solutions for digital communication and social media, with products that enable marketing and customer service teams to automate campaigns, activate multiple channels through a single interface, and extract accurate information and insights. It’s the perfect combination of CRM with digital marketing, for any company size. All in a single vision and Microsoft Cloud platform.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Communication and Media?

  • Centralized Information: With Dynamics 365, eliminate all your company’s information silos by centralizing tables and records in a unified data structure, shared at the level that is required by all interested audiences in your company.
  • Unified Platforms: Dynamics 365 and its marketing and customer service solutions enable you to monitor and activate customers across many offline and online channels, such as telephone, email, SMS, push, social media and blogs, through a unified interface.
  • Microsoft Usability: Are you used to Outlook, Excel, Skype and LinkedIn? Then Dynamics 365 will not be a challenge for you. All of these Microsoft solutions share their usage patterns and simplicity, and are now integrated!
  • Real Intelligence: Cross-sell, up-sell, lead scoring, churn, social network monitoring, and campaign automation are features that come to life in Dynamics 365 with the artificial intelligence capabilities of Azure, Cortana, and Adobe Sensei.

AlfaPeople Value Proposition

AlfaPeople helps companies understand digital marketing technologies and platforms with their team of specialists. AlfaPeople enables the gradual improvement of customer digital marketing efforts, with step-by-step initiatives that are justified by ROI and brand presence. These platforms can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our connectors, centralizing content management, users, and potential customers.

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Simplify Operations at Every Level
with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Communication and Media

Marketing Manager

Get a global view of what’s happening on your social networks, campaigns, and websites. In addition to Dynamics 365, rely on the power of platforms such as Power BI and Adobe Analytics to get real-time insights into how your campaigns are performing and change their direction if needed.

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Marketing Professional

Save time and productivity with automated actions via Dynamics 365 Relationship Rules and processes. Nurture clients with timely, targeted actions, without the need for spreadsheet extraction and system integration.

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Solutions / Features Available

  • Dynamics 365 with the Code-K Campaign Add-on: Code-K Campaign is a Dynamics solution, installable within minutes that enables your CRM to run simple and fast email and SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Dynamics 365 with Adobe Marketing Cloud: The Adobe Marketing Cloud works in tune with Dynamics 365’s business solutions, resulting in a single, complete vision of digital marketing automation and management platform.

“ITE Group selected AlfaPeople following a rigorous selection process involving many industry-leading CRM system vendors and partners. AlfaPeople responded with a creative solution that met our complex business requirements and demonstrated their ability to support deployment across our global network of office locations. They impressed us with their willingness to engage and truly understand our business, the quality of their team, their deep understanding of the Microsoft product set and their excellent customer references.”

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John Gulliver

John Gulliver

Chief Operating Officer