Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Licensing

AlfaPeople licenses the best of Microsoft technology

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Licensing

We deliver the complete solution: services + Microsoft licensing

Microsoft is the largest producer of software as a service and one of the most valuable companies in the world. In recent years, it has promoted intense transformations in its focus and technology, supporting thousands of partners and millions of customers in their digital transformation journey. 

By offering Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing, AlfaPeople centralizes all this technological power and uses the latest Microsoft resources to create unique solutions for almost every customer need, using the ideal Microsoft licensing to suit businesses of any size and in any region of the planet.

Technologies in focus:

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is a program that allows our customers to license, control and get support for Microsoft licensing offerings. In this modality, licensing can be done gradually, without the need to migrate ​​ all software services at once.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications (CRM and ERP) that can help you run your entire enterprise and deliver better results through AI-driven and predictive insights.

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Power Platform

Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a software line for the development and connectivity of programs within the “low-code/no-code” concept, characterized by allowing anyone, even a non-specialist, to build value-added business applications.

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Microsoft Azure includes infrastructure services (IaaS), platform services (PaaS), and even software services (SaaS), which are managed and monitored in datacenters by Microsoft itself, with complete security and constant development. Take your applications to Microsoft Azure or consume hundreds of ready-to-go services.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 software solutions are the most popular from Microsoft, helping people and teams do their best every day by connecting, collaborating, and working from practically anywhere. Microsoft 365 includes programs like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and more, in an unlimited way.

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Grow and deliver more value to your customers, partners and employees.

Licensing through the Cloud Solution Provider program provides several benefits
for companies that choose this modality.

Flexibility in hiring

Through Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider software is sold as a service, with monthly, annual, and three-year rates, which can be canceled after the contracted periods. Basically, the access to the software is given immediately after payment. In addition, you have the right to enjoy all updates that may arise. In this way, the IT department is able to strategically monitor and support the pace of business, as well as its growth and all future operation plans. All without worrying about access mobility, collaboration between areas, or data security.

State of the Art solutions

Many companies take years to update their software, despite the losses in terms of competitiveness and security. This is especially serious when systems are no longer updated and supported by Microsoft for legal reasons. By licensing Microsoft cloud solutions through the Cloud Solution Provider, companies get the worldwide benefits of continuous research and development that deliver the ultimate in terms of enterprise technology.

Expert partner

By contracting Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider licensing services with AlfaPeople, in addition to Microsoft software, you will have access to the best practices for deploying and supporting your software solutions.

AlfaPeople support

AlfaPeople offers personalized service based on the needs and structure of each business. In the CSP licensing modality, support is AlfaPeople’s responsibility. That’s why it’s so important to choose a responsible and experienced Microsoft solution provider.

Key deliverables

With the mission of building valuable and lasting relationships with customers based on the specialized knowledge and the commercialization of Microsoft solutions, AlfaPeople offers Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) service. Take a look on the main deliverables of this licensing model: 

  • ​Licensing of Microsoft solutions, according to the business needs. 
  • ​​AlfaPeople´s specialized consultancy, with the best practices for implementation, customization and use of Microsoft solutions. 
  • ​​Technical support for licensed solution. 

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