AlfaPeople’s Technology and Advisory Partnership Program

Partnering to expand Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Cloud innovations globally

The AlfaPeople Partnership program is focused on one fundamental goal: finding the absolute best solution fits for our customers. For that, we deploy our expertise in Dynamics 365 as a primary platform and bring in the best vendors in key areas when we need to extend its functionality. Partner with us today to access our global customer base and enjoy exclusive partner benefits.

“We chose AlfaPeople because they were prepared to share the development risk, dedicate theur senior staff to work with us and were enthused by the idea of solving a tough problem for healthcare.”

Ed Marsden

Ed Marsden
Managing Director

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Technology partner
Put your technology, which augments and extends Dynamics 365, in front of our customers. We’ll work together to ensure we’re delivering the greatest value to customers while unlocking entirely new areas of business.

Advisory partner
Digital transformation is just one part of an organization’s overall change strategy. Enjoy AlfaPeople’s expertise in business software implementations and support as part of your service package for customers.

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