Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Patient Relationship Management

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Patient Relationship Management Overview

State-of-the-art patient engagement software

Budget cuts, rising operational costs, ageing populations. Healthcare providers in both the public and private sectors are facing major challenges in the 21st century. Digital case management systems and medical software like the customizable tools of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow healthcare providers to get back to basics for the development of exceptional services and improved patient experiences. As a leading Microsoft partner, AlfaPeople delivers state-of-the-art patient relationship management software and years of unrivaled partnerships in the healthcare sector. Discover our story!

“Following the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and MyCare, and our collaboration with AlfaPeople, we are now fully focused on the alignment of work processes and economies of scale. In these areas, we have seen some of the greatest gains. It has meant we can continue to deliver good and increasingly improved services to our clients.”

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Lene Dalsjö Bull

Lene Dalsjö Bull

Falck Healthcare

Driving digital transformation in Healthcare

As a PRM (Patient Relationship Management) system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings the benefits of automation and centralized databasing to the healthcare sector, facilitating essential tasks such as bed blocking, patient flow and the reservation of surgical facilities. With a growing disconnect between providers and their patients, PRM technology focuses on rooting out redundant, repetitive and paper-driven processes in favor of an integral patient-centric approach to service delivery, addressing target areas such as patient waiting times and referral to treatment. Watch this short video to discover how Microsoft’s PRM technology is encouraging positive, proactive change in healthcare!

Video Improving patients’ healthcare access with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Streamlining interoperability in healthcare

Patients are increasingly behaving like consumers – they expect a fast, seamless service and an active role in their journey with you as a provider of “products” and services. Like its big brother in the commercial business world CRM, Dynamics 365 as a PRM solution is a digital case management system that offers a range of customization options and add-ons, including physician and patient portals for direct, real-time engagement with electronic health records (EHRs). Coordinated, proactive and focused acutely on interoperability, the benefits of Dynamics 365 are clear.

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Patients are eagerly awaiting the digital transformation in healthcare. Like consumers, they want instant access across their devices to important provider information and, where appropriate, to their electronic healthcare records. AlfaPeople delivers secure PRM technology on the Microsoft Cloud so your healthcare organization can offer transparent, instantaneous service to its patients across devices and in real-time.
In the paper-heavy world of healthcare, important activities related to patient engagement can often end in confusion, redundancy and even frustration – both for patients and healthcare workers. AlfaPeople’s Dynamics 365 solutions centralize electronic health records like medical records, records of calls, and messages, in one common platform, resulting in better case management and greater insight into the overall patient experience.
If there’s one certainty about the challenges facing the healthcare sector, it’s that physicians and health workers can face major hurdles in implementing clinical prevention such as behavioral change among patients. Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a PRM solution encourages a proactive culture regarding prevention, with automated reminders for follow-ups and powerful reporting and analysis functions.

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Frontline healthcare workers are often weighed down by significant time and resource pressures. That’s where technology can help – automating administrative tasks and allowing healthcare staff to focus their attention on crucial areas of their work, especially patient wellbeing. AlfaPeople has worked on several projects in the healthcare sector, including the Virtual Fracture Clinic and most recently EVA Applications. With growing patient numbers and budget cuts, the healthcare industry face growing challenges to keep up with the needs of the population. AlfaPeople is working to introduce Artificial Intelligence and machine technology to future-proof healthcare services and ensure patients are receiving the very best care and treatment on the market.

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* Gartner, Predict 2019:  Healthcare Providers Must Embrace Digital Transformation, December 10, 2018

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What’s life like on the Cloud?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a gateway for healthcare providers to access powerful Cloud-based technologies for the effective management of patient records and services. With Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, the power of Dynamics 365 reaches new heights, providing user independence, storage, scalability and availability.

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