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Jun 10, 2022


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

?Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will provide us with the flexibility and efficiency that we wish to achieve in customer service.?

J?rg van den Berk, Vice President DSB Call Center

Business Needs

DSB (from ?Danske Statsbaner? which was previously the name)?is an independent public company that is responsible for the passenger train operation on the Danish state rail network.?It is the largest train operator in Denmark and 80% of train passengers in Denmark travel with DSB.?DSB has around 500,000 passengers each day, and approximately half of these are travelling in Copenhagen. DSB was founded in 1885. The company is 100% owned by the Ministry of Transport and Building and has around 7,000 employees.

DSB was looking for a platform for customer service which could lift the customer experience to new highs.?A modern and integrated solution was needed, one that was constructed to offer?customer support in a more efficient and streamlined manner. A public EU tender was announced, aimed at finding the best supplier for a new CRM system. Large suppliers were in play, and in the end,?the 2016 version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was selected. AlfaPeople was chosen as the supplier for the project. The project kicked off in the fall of 2015 with the goal of implementing a comprehensive solution that would both modernise, automate and streamline DSB?s customer service.

DSB has a very large customer service centre with around 200 employees whom take care of a wide range of incidents (+200 employees). These incidents cover everything from complaints, payments for various trips and services, and taking care of those who are mobility impaired or have other special needs related to travelling by train. DSB has over half a million passengers per day, and therefore the requirements for customer service are great.

For a long time, DSB Customer Service has been operating with a wide range of different solutions and processes for their internal case work. They have been working with a highly customised solution which, as a result, has been difficult to upgrade and maintain. The many different solutions and processes resulted in longer processing time for the employees in customer service, and there were a lot of systems to deal with in relation to the various customer issues. A lot of paper work was involved and there were few, if any, automated processes. This resulted in customer service using a long time on each issue and made it difficult to get a good overview of the customer?s situation.?With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, DSB wanted to streamline the processes in customer service and create a modernised system for its customers.


DSB was asking for an?integrated CRM solution?that could ensure a better customer experience and a system which could effectively support the customers? needs. What was needed was a better overview, better insight into the business and a real-time understanding of what the customer required.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, all solutions, channels and processes will be gathered in one place and integrated.?This will help both the customer service department and the customers. DSB will have a single platform to support its customers on the customer service channels. This includes phone support, chat support, self-service and social media. DSB will thus have an extremely modern platform that makes it easier to get in touch with DSB. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will also collect all information so that customer service gains a full overview of the customer?s information and history.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, DSB will be able to see the entire history of a customer ? anything from previous calls, issues, fines, complaints, chat, etc. This makes customer service?s job much easier, and they will have the necessary tools to give a more personalised service.

A wide range of processes will also be automated?in order to allow the customer service department to simplify their work and help the customer resolve their issues faster.

When all customer information and processes in customer service are gathered in one place, it will also give DSB a better overview of what the customer service department spends the most time on. DSB will thus be able to understand its customers better and have the necessary tools and information to keep improving the customer experience with DSB.


Better customer experience

DSB wants to provide its customers with a better service ? one that is both faster and more personalised. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform allows them to do just that, because now the information on each customer will be in one system which will allow the system to support a much faster response time. This provides a better experience for the customer, because DSB will have easy access to their information and issues.

An easier and more manageable work day for the customer service employees

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the employees in customer service will get an easier and more manageable work day, since they will shift from working with a lot of different systems to working with a single integrated solution. The solution that AlfaPeople delivers to DSB will create a high performance and centrally controlled customer service centre which will swiftly and effectively contribute to solving a large variety of different tasks. All in all, AlfaPeople is supplying DSB with a dynamic and swift support function, where the daily issues will be resolved with a significantly better level of service.

A modern platform that enables first-class customer service

DSB chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, because they wanted the most modern Dynamics CRM platform. The 2016 version is the most flexible solution on the market today, supporting the work flows of customer service in order to let DSB provide the best possible customer experience. Furthermore, it has never been easier to work with processes, which is something that frees up time and resources in the customer service department and allows DSB to be ahead of the curve when it comes to wishes and requirements going forward.