Confidence Câmbio
Jun 10, 2022

Confidence Câmbio

Financial Service
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

“We have touched on some strategic improvement projects and CRM was one of them. The action served to help all business fronts, such as sales and customer service areas, as well as having a structured tool that would help deliver a more aligned product.”

Arthur Pelanda – Digital and
Products Superintendent at Confidence Câmbio

Project Scope and Business Needs

The search for internal processes improvements, the implementation of intelligent integrated platforms and service improvements are some of the concerns of the companies that excel in the excellence of its operation.

That’s why AlfaPeople, Microsoft’s global partner in Dynamics 365 with operations in 14 countries around the world, is consolidating its commitment to delivering the most appropriate technology solutions to each business model.

In this success story, we will learn how Confidence Cambio, the currency exchange leader in Brazil, has improved its internal processes to provide its customers with a high-level service with the best evaluations in the market. And, of course, in partnership with the solutions offered by AlfaPeople.


Comprised of two entities – a brokerage firm and a bank – the Confidence Group is focused on the foreign exchange market, a leader in the sector nationwide with a wide range of products.

In the brokerage firm, the retail physical stores stand out – today there are 120 located in Brazil -, most of them in malls and focused on tourist exchange. The main business is the sale of paper money, multi-currency prepaid cards, travel insurances and other items focused on tourist exchange.

The largest part of Banco Confidence customers is comprised of legal entities, import and export companies and enterprises that need to receive or send dividends to its parent company. The institution provides all this support for financial operations.

In addition, a number of other service options are offered by the group, such as providing and distributing banknotes to brokerage firms and making foreign currency checking accounts available to specific audiences – such as travel agencies that need to protect themselves from currency valuation.

To handle all this volume of customers, the group offers several digital channels to serve this audience. Mobile app, websites, call center and chat are some examples. The improvement of these processes, which aim to generate greater value to the customer experience with the company, continued to be an objective of Confidence, according to the group’s digital and products superintendent, Arthur Pelanda:

“We have touched on some strategic improvement projects and CRM was one of them. The action served to help all business fronts, such as sales and customer service areas, as well as having a structured tool that would help deliver a more aligned product.”

Confidence already had a built-in CRM system, but with the high number of operations, a lot of enhancements were required to make all that data volume more accessible and easily measurable. The objective was to facilitate sales and service actions. That’s why Confidence benchmarked some tools available on the market and, after a thorough search, opted for the Microsoft platform.

“We went deep to understand how each tool works, and we concluded Dynamics is the best solution, with Microsoft itself nominating AlfaPeople as a partner for the project. “They understand that the company has experience in Dynamics initiatives related to our business – not specifically in exchange, but for the financial segment as a whole”, says Arthur.

And that’s where the work of AlfaPeople employees contributed to the closing of the deal. According to Arthur, the expertise of the vendor meant that information about the platform was transmitted very clearly and securely, which helped in making the choice.

Dynamics and process evolution
In the benchmark made by Confidence Exchange, internal operations were merged with business strategy to choose the best product. Choosing the platform would include functionality, pricing, licensing, and of course the synergy of the platform with the company’s products for the long run.

“We were already customers of Microsoft and we understood that we needed a platform that worked in constant evolution, with the long-term in mind”.

Dynamics is considered the next generation of enterprise cloud management platforms, bringing together the capabilities of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) software. With this system integration and automation, it enables enterprise employees to access data from multiple devices – such as phones, computers, or tablets – with configurations geared toward what the customer really needs.

In the case of Confidence, the platform is used throughout the commercial area of the two businesses mentioned above. Among the features are the timeline management and the customer portfolio, as well as workflows and data verification process.

In the service sectors, when contacting the company, the customer has their data quickly collected, as well as all their interaction with Confidence. Support also has the customer registration and copyline integrated with the marketing module and social networks.


Challenges and benefits of implementation

The implementation process was very challenging. After all, there are more than 16 million customers, an extremely expressive volume.

The big challenge was to turn that research process, that involves thousands of records, into a fast process for the operator. The client’s history, his latest operations, how many interactions he made with the company, and other variables needed to be accessed, in a flexible way, by the employees.

The success of the system implementation was quickly noticeable. The commercial team suddenly had a complete view of the customer base – which they didn`t before. Previously, the data depended on annotations made by the vendor, manually.

The reduction of the time of data measurement was also determinant. The more than 20 seconds of delay for grouping information was decreased by (one third). It does not seem like much, but the decrease in wait times has had a very positive impact on customers, increasing satisfaction and enhancing NPS indexes – held by Confidence as one of the highest on the market.

The future of this partnership

Even though this is a recent project and the implementation phase was just finished, Confidence Cambio already has future projects to work on with AlfaPeople. One of these is the segmentation of the customer base. The intent is providing an even more humanized service, offering personalized products that really add value to those who come into contact with the company.

With that project it will be possible to better monitor the sales funnel, improving the marketing processes and bringing an efficient tool for lead generation and conversion. Do you too want to build a success story in partnership with AlfaPeople? Contact us and get to know the best options for your company.