Smart Customer Service with Power BI
AlfaPeople |
Aug 31, 2018

Smart Customer Service with Power BI

Visualizing and accessing?company data can be overwhelming without the right tools. Many different analysis services and instruments are used every day, with each one contributing an enormous amount of information that is not usually natively correlated.

Being able to visualize and know how our company works through data is one of the most important challenges out there today, especially in a world of customer service aimed at?improving?loyalty?across?all contact channels.

Companies can measure the effectiveness and quality of the service they?re providing through service intelligence,?allowing?service agents to have a significant?positive?impact on the results generated by their interactions with customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides advanced analysis of traditional reports?that?can be edited online and display information?via?dashboards outfitted with powerful data visualization capabilities.?Power BI?allows organizations to also include data from third-party applications in their analyses to?get?data loaded with?greater?information, analysis and search capabilities.

If you combine?Microsoft Dynamics 365 for?Customer?Service with Power BI,?you?ll be able to:

  • Identify trends, explore hypothetic scenarios and forecast results.
  • Anticipate opportunities and obtain deeper knowledge about your customers through interactive panels, in-depth analysis and dynamic data visualization.
  • Enhance performance and identify best practices by correlating your agents? activities with service indicators such as Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction, first call resolution, self-service index, cost per transaction and other data related to specific interactions.
  • Create completely?customizable panels with real-time information about your most relevant KPI’s.

Why bet on business intelligence when it comes to data?

According to a recent?Forbes Insights?report, executives around the world believe that business intelligence makes a significant contribution to their industry?with?88% of executives from the commercial business and services area believing?in their benefits. The same can be said for executives from the world of retail, banking, insurance, manufacturing, health and financial services.

The need to capture detailed customer information, as well as information on interactions,?means we need?a rigorous process:?this data must be easy to understand, accurate and it must be available to the right person at the right time. By collecting this detailed information and making it easy to analyze through customizable, interactive panels, Power BI helps agents identify problems before they can affect the company?s relationship with the customer. Agents can combine details of the account?s activity, satisfaction surveys, behavior patterns and more to propose proactive solutions, making a huge difference in the customer’s experience.

Monitoring Customers is a Top Priority

Monitoring customer relations and their metrics is one of the industry?s most fundamental?issues. In order to achieve this, managing information and being able to react appropriately to customer demands requires a joint effort between an excellent technology interface like Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics, and the sales and customer service team.

Because every interaction?counts,?you can?earn loyalty, empower agents and stay on your toes with a unified experience. Contact us and discover how Microsoft 365 Customer Service + Power BI can help you have better, more profitable?relationships with your customers.

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