Improve customer experience and service through technology
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Nov 05, 2018

Improve customer experience and service through technology

According to the National Chamber of Commerce,?online sales increased by 31.7 % in?2017,?proving that the experience of shopping online is an attractive way of acquiring products.

However, most customer services?have?difficulties?due to?internal?bureaucracy, leading to unsatisfied users.

Automation and AI to Improve the Flow of Information

One solution?available?is?to increase?the use of technology to improve and streamline service procedures during and after sales.

Automation is a system in which certain production tasks are assigned to a set of technological elements developed in a programmed and controlled manner. In simple terms, it?s an “autopilot” that allows employees to invest their time in other productive tasks for the company.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms in information programs that attempt to imitate the human brain.

One of the disciplines within artificial intelligence is?machine learning,?which creates systems to “learn”?both?automatically and autonomously. In other words, it identifies patterns within large amounts?of data to forecast future behavior, correcting itself independently.

In order to execute all of these solutions, there are more specific technologies, such as bots and?CRM.

What are bots?

Bots are?information tools?that communicate with users by imitating human conduct. They serve a variety of functions, such as editing text, answering questions, sending emails?and moderating conversations.

They currently?perform tasks on platforms such as?YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or?Instagram and their use in areas such as customer service improves the delivery of information and helps users.

Chatbots,?for example,?are programs that simulate holding a conversation with someone by delivering automatic replies to requests made by the consumer.

Incorporating these applications enables a company to provide customized support,?keep?their user?close?and?sort out questions?quickly,?among other benefits.

What is CRM?

CRM?is a program that enables effective, personalized management of customer service based on your needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has functions that set it apart from the competition, such as customer interaction through different channels, be it a website or social media.?With?information captured by Dynamics, executives will have data at their disposal to offer consistent, personalized service.

Another major trait is the ability to learn from the users? behavior, getting to know their level of satisfaction and analyzing the most important trends on social media.

Microsoft Dynamics?allows us to constantly integrate new functions and different platforms, leading to ongoing innovation and swift replies.

Benefits of Applying Technology to Customer Service

1 – Information Collection

Applying?machine learning?in artificial intelligence systems allows us to offer services to users in a segmented fashion, identifying their tastes, areas of interest and problems in the sales process.

This way, companies will shift from being reactive to proactive, because with the information grouped into blocks, a database can be created that predicts behavior.

By including variables into the algorithms, they will analyze the information contained in big data and predict what the buyer needs during, for example, a call center service call.

2 – Improved Interaction

Having a centralized database with all of information of every customer will allow the worker?or system to have fluent, personalized communication. This is?done?using CRM, as it groups the data contributed across multiple platforms, displaying them in real time and from any device.

In addition, CRM technology allows employees to manage and solve problems swiftly, because these systems facilitate communication between different departments.

3 – Less Time, Better Experience

Thanks to all the above, the customer will see a considerable reduction?in?waiting time when requiring service. Using artificial intelligence systems that integrate machine learning allows us to study behavior, make predictions and deliver information?via?algorithms. Using and managing a database even enables us to access information and procedures in real time.

All of?the technologies described above allow us to?shorten?processes, improve response times and therefore improve customer satisfaction. Integrating tools like bots or CRM helps group information,?helps you to?capture what you need faster and provide the right solution. Information provided by technology helps us predict solutions and?reduce mistakes in customer support.