Field Service Help Companies’ Field Management
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Mar 27, 2018

Field Service Help Companies’ Field Management

Dynamics 365 Field Service allows you to have a comprehensive vision of your field operations by tracking production processes, sales, and customer service

Dynamics 365 Field Service is an innovative, an adaptable and modern platform that will facilitate sales work, adapting, expanding and integrating with other applications and services that you use. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business intelligence solution, with its platform application Field Services, will provide you a seamless service experience.

By monitoring your relationship with the client in real time, your perception and follow-up, step by step, from the client’s request for service to his final satisfaction, allows you to assist your client more efficiently, in addition to better managing resources, optimizing them.

Collaboration with Analytics allows Dynamics 365 Field Service, both tools included in the Dynamics 365 platform, to anticipate the needs of the client, and so better organize resources, in benefit of the customer service and the company’s economy.

In short, Dynamics 365 FieldService allows the business:

  • Optimize service programming with efficient routing, matching resource qualifications and reduced travel time, increasing resolution rates to the first approach and timely compliance of the service, and improving real-time communication and collaboration between customer service, office, field agents, and clients.
  • Optimize your resources, automating and improving the programming of your qualified personnel, making the most of your resources.
  • Quickly managing work orders, thanks to its flexible scheduling board, Dynamics 365 Field Service allows you to efficiently search for the right field agent for each order, based on your availability, proximity to the location of the service, and your knowledge.
  • Automatically generate periodic work orders for preventive maintenance, manage inventories in real time, and invoice clients as soon as work is completed.
  • Increase the efficiency of your employees, training them with a 360-degree customer vision and real-time advice. Improving the resolution period, and gaining the confidence of the client.
  • Better interacting with your customers, providing self-service portals, proactive updates, and technical follow-up, you will guarantee positive experiences at every step.

Dynamics 365 FieldService design takes into account interaction with the IoT (Internet of things). This option will broaden your service experience by proactively detecting and attacking the problems so that your personnel can come only when necessary. Its mobile application allows field staff quick and easy access to whatever becomes necessary to execute work orders.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 FieldService integrated intelligence will help you solve service problems before they occur, and reduce operational costs by offering positive on-site experiences.

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