In a highly competitive global environment, manufacturers rely heavily on technology to help them with everything from product design to inventory management and from production scheduling to process optimisation.  Blending a mixture of discrete, process and lean-based manufacturing methods that are often managed with separate solutions creates a complex environment in which to operate.  Add to that the variety of benchmarks they measure performance on, including cost, time-to-market, product quality and inventory optimisation, and it can often be a real challenge to stay ahead of the competition and cost-effectively meet customer demands, particularly from more than one location or working in multiple markets.

AlfaPeople is there to ensure that your business leverages the extensive benefits of Microsoft Dynamics, including improved customer engagements and insight generation, so that your distributors, resellers and wholesalers deliver a business experience that is relevant and efficient.  Working in this way means your business anticipates the demands of your shared end-customers, rather than simply responding to them.

Dynamics CRM benefits

  • Manage suppliers and distributors all in one solution
  • Perform factory inspections on smartphones and continue in a predefined process in the back office
  • Track all activities with distributors and retailers for improved knowledge-sharing
  • Manage leads and opportunities from any device

Dynamics AX benefits

  • Enable agile and intelligent manufacturing and supply chain execution
  • Faster response times, higher quality products and exceptional customer service and relationships
  • Allows you to drive innovation and be the market leader
  • 360-degree visibility and control throughout the entire supply chain
  • Operational flexibility enables you to drive forward innovation

Power BI Benefits

  • Achieve your manufacturing goals with real-time visibility of your supply chain, allowing for faster and more efficient decision-making processes
  • Monitor live data from multiple sources, all in one dashboard, with the ability to drill down to research specific issues
  • Track KPIs and receive real-time alerts with Power BI mobile apps, allowing you to minimise response times
  • Identify bottlenecks and other potential issues before they become unmanageable
  • Share dashboards containing the up-to-date, relevant information with your suppliers and partners

AMF benefits

  • Benefit from a high level of responsiveness to ensure continuous, full-service attention
  • Rely on a dedicated team and not an individual
  • Several high quality gates ensures appropriate decisions and working solutions
  • Technical Ownership ensures your solution is always stable and up-to-date
  • Prolong your solution’s lifespan and save CAPEX, by adding in OPEX

Parature benefits

  • Keep customers updated about your products and improve first contact resolution, and at the same time reduce support costs
  • Increase employee productivity with better processes and information sharing capabilities
  • Engage customers, partners and distributors while building better, longer-lasting relationships

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