Life at AlfaPeople
By Torsten Schou Hollesen
Microsoft Dynamics AX Delivery Manager

We are currently looking for 21 new colleagues at AlfaPeople, and I therefore thought this would be a good opportunity to talk more about what makes AlfaPeople a great place to work. In short, it is a busy workplace which offers daily challenges where you develop along with the company. However, that is not all, and I would like to explain more about why I enjoy working at AlfaPeople.

Put your mark on a rapidly growing company

One of the reasons I began working for AlfaPeople, is that, in my opinion, it is interesting to work with something entirely new. I have previously worked with management and Service Delivery, but primarily within service management. At AlfaPeople I experienced a whole new world with ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX. It was an entirely different branch, that offered new, exciting opportunities. Moreover, from a management perspective, I found working with a relatively new team, as the one at AlfaPeople, very interesting. There are a lot of new people here, and we find the best way to move forward together. AlfaPeople is a dynamic company in rapid growth. There is always something going on here and with the growth we are experiencing, a need for structure automatically arises. This is where I feel, that I can truly contribute with my managerial skills.

At AlfaPeople, I can use a lot of my experience to ensure structured courses of action. I have had the chance to impact this company through my ideas on structure and organising skills, which has been exciting for me.

Work Life balance

AlfaPeople is a very flexible place to work. There is a good work life balance here, which nicely combines an understanding of your private life while at the same time aiming at performing well in the company. Moreover, there is a flat organizational structure despite the rapid growth. This makes it even more attractive for me to work here, and being part of a team, whose responsibility it is to ensure current growth continues, motivates me.

Social activities and Team Building

We spend time on social activities and team building at AlfaPeople. There are regular team events that ensure we get to know each other better, and that everyone feels a part of the AlfaPeople family.

The tone here is informal, which means that we have fun and joke around, but also “get back to business” when it is called for. This is especially where I feel, we as a company stand out.

An in-depth insight into retail

I work as a Microsoft Dynamics AX Delivery Manager, where our expertise lies within retail. We engage directly with our customers on-site, which gives us an in-depth insight into their world. This insight includes, how important it is that our solutions are thought through, so as to avoid any negative impact. We ensure a thorough solution, that delivers a positive experience to the client. This naturally requires that we are thorough on our product deliverance and how we organise ourselves in the projects. It’s very exciting to see how quickly our work methods affect our customers’ solutions, and how we need to be aware of this and make it work properly – otherwise the impact is felt shortly after.

We work closely with our customers, but we also keep a good balance in our projects, between working with the customers on-site and having time with our colleagues to do the needed work in the back-office. In some working cultures you might end up spending so much time with the customers that you “forget” to spend time with your colleagues. At AlfaPeople we maintain a balance between the work done on-site, and giving time to sort out back-office assignments.

Strong foundation for development

A strong foundation for development is, in my eyes, when a company is developing whilst also experiencing rapid growth.

At AlfaPeople our company culture emphasises learning and constant improvement. This creates the perfect foundation for personal growth.

My job becomes even more interesting, when I as manager can help and guide people on my team towards continuous development. It isn’t just about how one person can grow, but how we together as a team, can grow collectively as a family.

Good colleagues and an informal tone

AlfaPeople is a company characterised by its constant development and growth. Moreover, we encourage competence development, both professional and personal. You will be assigned projects that allow plenty of opportunities to develop throughout your time with us. You will be met by good colleagues and an informal tone, but also with a drive towards delivering professional solutions to our customers.

In short, AlfaPeople is an extremely attractive workplace.

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