AlfaPeople opened its doors to me 15 years ago in June 2002. I started working in the area of Accounts Receivable, then I had the opportunity to grow in other areas of the company.

Until two and a half years ago, my main function was in the administrative department and HR, now I am also dedicating half of my time as a commercial consultant. I have felt very comfortable working in this new field because I have always had a good relationship with our clients since I know how to use my long experience in the company and to take advantage of the knowledge that I have in each department, to guide the client correctly with any requirement.

I have always believed that our clients’ success, both internal and external, is based on the quality service that we can offer, therefore, I try not to lose that goal to carry out the work of each day.

Why AlfaPeople?

During my time at the company, I have been allowed to grow both personally and professionally, having the opportunity to train myself in the different Microsoft tools necessary to perform my daily tasks and receiving the support to not leave aside my personal studies and thus be better professional.

I have had the opportunity to internally participate in 3 re-implementations of Dynamics AX and I think that having direct contact with the tool makes me fall in love with my work even more. It also gives me the assurance that we offer our clients world-class products and that we have the best complement for the tool, which is an excellent team of consultants and engineers trained and with the necessary knowledge about the different business turns that are in the market.

The fact that our organization has implemented the solutions we offer our customers (AX / CRM) allows us to express with more conviction in our business cycles on what the customer needs to improve their processes and have a better return on investment.

Being a company with a global presence increases the possibilities of growth not only internally, but outside Costa Rica too.

AlfaPeople for me represents part of my family, I appreciate the human quality of my colleagues, their sense of belonging to the company and that the management of management is open doors, this gives us the opportunity to express our ideas contributing positively and feeling Part of the company’s growth.

I feel satisfied that all the expectations I had for this job have been fulfilled and I am sure that many new challenges await me to fulfill which I am ready to assume, therefore, I can say I wear AlfaPeople’s jersey every day and I am proud to be part of this team, therefore, I invite you to know us and give yourself the opportunity to be part of this great family.

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