I’ve been working at AlfaPeople Brasil for 9 years, implementing Microsoft Dynamics platform for clients in the health, financial and construction segments, in projects to increase productivity in service centers, self-service, technical assistance and sales.

I also support the commercial team in the design of solutions to meet the business needs of clients.

Here’s a list of things that I value so much in AlfaPeople, based on my own experience with the company:

1. Agreements are respected

This is the main reason why I keep working at AlfaPeople: the company respects the agreements we make.
If a project is sold, it’s delivered, even if various problems arise along the way. As far as AlfaPeople is concerned, the project will be delivered according to the specification.

If an agreement is made with an employee, it is always fulfilled. For me, these practical actions are worth much more than speeches.

2. Leadership

AlfaPeople constantly invests in the pursuit of knowledge to lead the way in offering solutions for increasing productivity, reducing costs, optimizing business processes and using cutting edge technology in the context of customer relationship management.

The main benefit for the internal collaborator is the constant incentive to have contact with innovation through studies and practical implementation in projects.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is also very strong within AlfaPeople.

If you are facing a problem in a project and you have no idea how to solve it, you can be sure that you will have a knowledge base for consultation, and if that is not enough, you will find someone to support you.

This is part of the company’s DNA from the get-go and is not limited to the internal environment. Through its education unit, AlfaPeople has already trained many people, including a number of collaborators from competing companies, which has contributed to the formation of a larger, more robust and professional business ecosystem for customers and other participants.

4. Constant challenges

Because I do not like long periods of the same routine, this characteristic of the constant challenge is positive for me.

There are projects of 4 months, 8 months, 2 years, and even longer, but all end one day and we know that another challenge will come, whether in the same city, another city or country.

Fortunately, for those who enjoy routine, AlfaPeople also has areas that do not act directly on projects.

5. Flexibility

Finally, I also like the flexibility – even if sometimes limited, because it depends a lot on the client or the project phase – regarding the execution of the work.

In some cases, you can perform activities remotely or adjust working hours on a particular day of the week.

This helps a lot in balancing work and family life.

CRM Business Consultant at AlfaPeople