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Are you curious about Microsoft Dynamics 365? Do you want to learn more about CRM and ERP?  Then look no further. We´ve made it easy for you to learn more about the two solutions, as we have gathered our most popular e-books and a map of the Dynamics 365 Ecosystem on this page.

Perfect for your summer reading, as it allows you to return to work with even more knowledge and insight. If you would rather spend time by the pool this summer, you can of course download the e-books and save them for a later day.

☀️ E-book: The Rise to Power of Intelligent Factories

Do you wish to learn more about the digital trends that are shaping the manufacturing industry for 2022? In order for companies to continue to grow, it is imperative that they embrace these digital trends and materialize concepts such as Lean Manufacturing in order to prepare for the future. You can learn more about Lean Manufacturing, Advanced Production Planning, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and loT in our e-book right here.


☀️ E-book: The Impact of Analytics on Business

Do you want to know how to make more effective business decisions? Then Business Analytics must be present every step of the way, as leveraging data for insights on everything from internal business operations to the customer journey is both important and strategic. As a result, you will have higher customer satisfaction and higher gross margin for your organization.


☀️ E-book: 9 questions (and answers) to ensure collaboration between Sales and Marketing

For a business to grow, make a profit and meet its goals, Sales and Marketing need to work together. If the collaboration between the two departments works well, the efficiency of the company becomes much higher. In our e-book we ask you 9 questions, that will bring some thoughts and reflections to how the collaboration between Sales and Marketing looks today – and how you want it to evolve. Once you have been through all 9 questions, you know how good you are at collaborating between Sales and Marketing.


☀️ E-book: Digital Disruption in Financial Services: How to Manage Change

Are you aware of the main challenges of change management when implementing a new business technology? Do you know how to overcome them? Read our e-book and get access to five solutions to five fundamental challenges faced when doing a digital transformation.


☀️ Map of the Microsoft Dynamics solutions: A complete overview

Do you sometimes wish you had a map to navigate the world of all the Microsoft Dynamics solutions? Then you are in luck! You can download the map of the Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem right here and use it to discover the many functionalities and possibilities in Dynamics 365.


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