Microsoft announced in July that it will start rolling out version 9.0 of Dynamics 365.

This blog post will highlight some of the new and most interesting functionalities that Microsoft has planned to include in this release – also known as the BIGGEST product release so far. However, this is a pre-release and as with any other pre-release, changes might occur along the way

Microsoft Dynamics 365 users have been heard and Microsoft has delivered on a lot of product suggestions and feedback from users in the upcoming version. The features described in the section below will be launched in a preview mode for the cloud version before it becomes available as a general release. However, do not expect that you will notice any changes in your Dynamics 365 instance as soon as next week since this is an early blog post on what Microsoft has planned for us.

The new update will include many new functionalities and features that will affect all users of Dynamics 365 in one way or another. If you already have a Dynamics 365 license, then you should be aware of the upcoming changes. If you do not already have a license, then you should get one because you can be sure that your business and its processes can become even better.

Just to mention a few of the important functionalities you should know about:

Refreshed Web Client UI (User Interface)

Do not be surprised if you discover that your Dynamics 365 instance has a new, sexier look. Microsoft has worked hard to create a fresher, more dynamic layout on the UI. The design will change radically as illustrated in the picture below:

t Ready For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.0

If you are a Dynamics 365 user you will immediately notice that there will be borders around containers and uniform spacing. Furthermore, we will be able to style tabs, fields, fonts, themes and much more.

RIP Outlook Client

Another major change you should be aware of is the email application. As Microsoft announced (in its own words): “RIP Outlook Client”. If you have been using the Outlook Client then the time has come for a change. The Outlook Client is coming to an end. You are probably asking yourself: what am I going to do now? Do not be frustrated; it will only get better from now on. The next release will include a completely new application for Outlook that will be available for all devices no matter which system you are running on.

Activities Enhancements

One of my favorite updates is the enhanced editor for email. We can finally write emails the way we want to. A range of new functionalities will appear, which is great when entering the “write email section”. The email editor is something many of us have waited for a long time, mostly because you can change styles, formats, fonts, etc. Furthermore, it will be possible to add HTML templates to instances.

t Ready For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.0

MultiSelect Option Set

If you are a seasoned user of the Dynamics 365 platform then you can be excited as well. Finally, we are getting something we have all requested for a long time. You will now have a choice to create or change an existing data type with the “MultiSelect Option Set” data type. This means that using the form designer, users will be able to apply a multi select control that allows them to pick predefined values that will be shown in a dropdown list which looks like this:

t Ready For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.0

Small is the new tall

Another significant improvement that some of us should be aware of is that Microsoft is focusing a lot more on their Dynamics 365 platform on SMB’s rather than on enterprise businesses only. If you are a small or medium-sized business owner and have gone around thinking for the last few years that the Dynamics 365 platform is too big for your company, you are wrong. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is for everyone.

Mobile Platform Applications

Microsoft is focusing on creating a platform that makes it easy for everyone to interact with and this is clearly reflected in the new version. It has become easier than ever to gain access to the platform and far more functionality is now available on the mobile app. You may have been used to doing every single task while seated at your desk or computer, but be ready and open to adapting to the upcoming changes.

We all have habits and are used to working in a specific way. Our work habits might have served us well for the last couple of years, but what if we suddenly could do the same tasks even faster and smarter, or even from a train or bus on our way to and from work? Sometimes it is best to get rid of the old routines and find new ones. I am not saying that you should change all your working routines, but try to explore and be open-minded about what digital transformation is offering us. Nothing can be done overnight, but when you get used to it you cannot live without it. Just think of your smartphone. It was not common to have one in the early 2000’s, but nowadays we cannot live without it. The same goes for Microsoft Dynamics 365. When you learn to use it and adapt it to your working life, you may probably say: why didn’t anyone show this to me before?

To sum up, Microsoft is coming out with a new version of Dynamics 365 over the next couple of quarters, and a lot of improvements and changes are going to happen. Whether you are working in the service, finance or sales department, you can be sure that the new version will offer some useful functionality for you as well. If you want to be a step ahead and know more about how this affects you or your business, or if you have any questions regarding any obstacles you are facing, then feel free to contact us at AlfaPeople.

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