CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a management model based on a series of business strategies that allow you to tailor your products or services around a more thorough, comprehensive understanding of customer behavior. It offers effective customer relationship management with the powerful functionalities of business technology solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.

The configuration or adoption of a CRM system entails a substantial change in the experience customers have with your business through all contact channels. The success of a CRM implementation strategy depends on the commitment that senior management and end users have with addressing the changes and types of new engagement that a CRM system fosters in your general business processes.

Why adopt CRM software?

By centralizing data and contact points, you gain a 360° view of your customers. If that data is explored further, it can reveal a wealth of information about the tastes and attitudes of customers with regards to your business offerings, allowing you to better tailor your products and services.

The benefits of a CRM system for your business can be huge. Consider the impacts of:

  • Centralized and up-to-date customer data
  • Better understanding of customer needs
  • Stronger awareness of how your products or services fit in your industry
  • Smart implementation of loyalty programs and cost reduction strategies
  • Increased sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement as a CRM tool

No business is the same. As a CRM platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement delivers optimized and effective tools to adapt the base software to your specific business and industry needs. From big business through to SMBs, D365 for Customer Engagement’s functionalities can effectively address all types of business goals. Additionally, it can function independently or with other tools, for example, Office 365.

Why the Future of Your Business Depends on Full Alignment With Customers Using CRM - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Within the slate of products available under the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement umbrella, the applications that stand out are Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service and Project Service Automation. These applications can be easily integrated with ERP solutions such as Finance and Operations, Talent and Retail.

When approaching D365 for Customer Engagement, understand:

  • Sales managers can gain access to information about the type of engagement their sales force develop with customers, since Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for the management and development of daily work flows, from first contact with a customer onward, and establishes traceability mechanisms.
  • With the Marketing module, you can better understand and manage your campaigns, and generate new leads through centralized customer contact with the business (web and digital channels).
  • In the Customer Service module, all operations (cases) and activities are consolidated into a broad record of service interaction with customers. This information informs strategy and processes for improved customer service delivery overall.
  • The Field Service module manages service orders, schedules the assignment of optimized resources, and identifies available resources to better organize technicians’ routes. Additionally, it provides access to information about appointments and previous customer orders.
  • The Project Service Automation module makes it easier for businesses working on a project basis to fulfill commitments that have been agreed upon with customers. It provides for the planning and assignment of resources, which ultimately encourages and strengthens team collaboration.

All this comes with a high degree of customization and integration between its different solutions and with Microsoft technology more broadly, enhancing the traceability of all activities and interactions with customers.

Tips for a strong CRM culture using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Across industries, businesses are embracing the era of the customer, and digital business solutions are a fundamental part of this change. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is not just a software tool for improved businesses processes, it is also a strategy that focusses your attention squarely on the contact and development of relationships with customers. It is vital for your business to create and maintain a culture that is centered around CRM, and to involve all staff in your digital processes. We recommend:

  • Segmenting accounts or clients by completely personalizing customer information, allowing you to adopt a 360° vision of your customers which, in turn, allows you to develop a culture focused on the customers and everything that identifies them.
  • Centralizing information or the movement of company accounts. In one single screen, you can see every interaction: contacts, customer service activities, business opportunities and so on.
  • Adopting an “If it’s not in CRM, it doesn’t exist” philosophy. It’s important to feed the CRM all types of information, for example activities (appointments, calls, e-mails, business opportunities, etc.). This expands your business’ strategic vision and decision-making to relevant niches of the companies, based on the information you can draw from Dynamics 365.
  • Keeping databases updated in CRM to obtain more accurate insights into customers and customer engagement with your business. This will also allow you to establish policies for the control of information in order to avoid the creation of misleading data or duplicate registries in CRM.
  • Correctly managing customer information and related products. Managerial analysis can be generated with Dynamics 365 through its control panels. It´s also possible to create reports using tools such as Power BI, with its simple and easy convertibility with the CRM.
Why the Future of Your Business Depends on Full Alignment With Customers Using CRM - Computer Screens

What are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement? Align your company’s business strategy with the processes, people, and technology that Dynamics 365 brings together under one roof!

Carlos Andrés Prieto
Carlos Andrés Prieto
Senior Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant at AlfaPeople