It’s fun to work as part of such a great team
AlfaPeople |
May 19, 2017

It’s fun to work as part of such a great team

For the last 9 years, I have been part of the AlfaPeople team in the area of marketing where I learn new things almost every day. In the beginning, terms such as software, ERP and CRM seemed dry and boring to me, but I quickly realized that these are interesting, versatile and constantly developing solutions. Accompanying these developments with marketing instruments and familiarizing interested parties and customers with these developments is an extremely interesting and challenging task. And that is what is fascinating to me about my task as Marketing Manager.

I design what is outwardly expressed about our products and services through various communication channels, such as the Internet, email, social media or even by conventional letter. The prerequisite for this is a close and trusting collaboration with colleagues who as consultants and developers know the solutions and their benefits the best, who display a passion for the products and enthusiastically provide input, which is important for my work. They not only support me in this way, but also by composing white papers and blog posts or preparing and implementing webinars on current topics. It’s fun to work as part of such a great team.

As a Marketing Manager, I am also responsible for the preparation and smooth running of trade fair appearances and various events where, in addition to working together with management and colleagues from consulting and sales, contact with customers, representatives of Microsoft and partners as well as official bodies. It is also important that AlfaPeople has a positive appearance. So I am always in the middle of the action.

As employees of AlfaPeople, we are always regularly trained to be up to date. New facts and findings are shared and exchanged among colleagues. This is extremely important for successful marketing, especially with very complex innovations, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise. Coaching and support are a matter of course in the team.

In addition, it is advantageous for me to work in an international team. Content, campaigns, experiences or simply news are shared quickly and easily, thus allowing for a lively exchange of information with colleagues in Denmark, the UK or in Latin American countries. After all, it is ultimately our customers who benefit from this international exchange of information. They in turn appreciate having a reliable partner on their side at foreign branches who knows the national conditions and legal requirements.

The motto “Think global – Act Local” is lived at AlfaPeople, because the individual national affiliates work together intensively on all levels. Modern Microsoft products and technologies, such as Office 365, Skype, Dynamics 365 or SharePoint, which we not only actively offer and sell to our customers, but also use intensively internally, giving us the opportunity to communicate with colleagues as if they were sitting next to us, regardless of the city, country or continent where they are located. They all use, share and present the same documents.

Another important part of my work is the presentation of product content, industry trends and technical innovations. I gladly meet the challenge here of being able to accurately convey our solutions and work methods to potential customers through intensive preparation. This is an incentive for me not only to accompany the development of our products and services, but also to incorporate and implement the innovations in marketing for the IT business.

Personally, I have been able to continuously develop, gain experience, acquire new knowledge and expand my career as a Marketing Manager in my time at AlfaPeople. The trust that my colleagues and management place in me motivates me every day to take on the ever-increasing challenges and to achieve the set goals together.