Creating exceptional customer service experiences with Parature, from Microsoft.
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Feb 08, 2016

Creating exceptional customer service experiences with Parature, from Microsoft.

Exceptional Customer Service – As we come closer to the end of 2015, there’s no time like a five-year marker to look back at changes in customer service satisfaction. There is a lot of room for improvement and there are great tools to manage customer service, including CRM options (Microsoft Dynamics) and self-service solutions (Parature).

Overall customer service delivery satisfaction is lower than it has been since 2010 in the UK, and expectations are higher than ever.

For companies with an eye on growth moving into 2016, one thing is certain: improving customer service for new and repeat patrons is essential to growth — and to keep from closing shop. 97% of consumers believe good customer service is important when deciding to remain loyal to a brand. The customer is always right — even if you don’t agree with this mantra personally, treating customers well is the driver of your success and is essential for winning their business time and time again.

Reasons for customer dissatisfaction with telephone support

Nearly two-thirds of all consumers (68%) surveyed noted they had disengaged from companies that had treated them poorly, exhibited a high level of disorganization, or shown an inability to run a service center to the highest benefit of the customer. 38% and 59% believe customer service is somewhat or very important respectively. These statistics alone should be enough to have shareholders and top executives checking in on the ground floor to ensure common mistakes are avoided. Here are some statistics that show what to look out for — and what frustrations cause consumers to shop around:

      • 92% of consumers want a self-service option, and shockingly only 16 percent of online shoppers say they can find support online or find information on who to contact to address their concerns – that’s a massive potential customer service gap of 76%!
      • 23% of consumers have been passed between agents ineffectively and without resolving their issue
      • 23% of consumers have had to contact customer service departments several times to sort out the same problem
      • 15% of consumers are made to wait on hold for exorbitant periods of time
      • 13% of people calling in say they are unable to reach a live agent (stuck in automated IVR)
      • 9% of consumers say phone and live chat agents have been disrespectful or rude

If there’s one thing customers cannot abide, it is being placed on long hold times. When your customer service is running smoothly through the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature’s dynamic knowledge base to self-serve, and by proper channelling of calls to the right departments, hold times can be dramatically diminished.

Customers loathe being passed from one phone agent to the next, only to find themselves in an infinite loop where no one can answer their questions or address their needs.The 2015 UK State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, which was published by Microsoft Dynamics and Parature, suggests nearly 25% of customers have a negative experience of being “passed between agents.”

Being unable to get an immediate answer (65% of customers expect a response within 24 hours) no matter how hard they try is a near-sure bet to lose consumers — especially if your system has not always operated this way. Those who have been loyal to you for years suddenly find themselves in a taffy pull with a robot and no way to reach a helpful answer— the frustration mounts, and away they go to do business with a competitor – UK brands lose an average of £7.7 billion each year because of unsatisfactory customer service.

Online customer support: Now is the time — here’s why

Exceptional Customer Service -Regardless of demography, around 50 percent or more of shoppers are buying goods online via smartphone & tablets. What’s more, older demographics that once called in for customer support for everything are now using their desktops and even tablets to buy and to interact with companies. This is crucial data that tells us it is more important than ever to have a superior CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics in place, as well as self-service and with options like live chat with agents who can answer questions with low lead times.

When surveyed, nearly 95 percent of people noted they expect a website to have self-service options, and/or a customer support portal that works with them in real-time. Without these things in place, your company, regardless of size or stature, will lose money and experience higher bounce rates as would-be consumers disengage and walk away. (£7.7 billion of business is taken away each year by competition).

When you utilize tools like Microsoft Dynamics CRM through AlfaPeople, you can avoid the kinds of crisis you might face without CRM solutions and a quality team of people on your customer service team. Bringing in software solutions is not about replacing people, it’s about augmenting their ability to self-serve, helping them stay organized, and ensuring their success when dealing with hundreds of clients every day.

Enable your team and give them a chance to make you successful: contact us today and talk to us your requirements.

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