End of Product Lifecycle Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
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Jul 03, 2017

End of Product Lifecycle Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

The 10th of April 2018 is approaching! The lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is nearing its end!

Many affected customers have likely already heard about this and are surely asking themselves some of the following questions:

What does this mean?

As you probably already know, an annual maintenance contract is offered and signed for software solutions just as is the case for different plants and machines. This maintenance, or also commonly known as an “Enhancement Plan”, is offered as an application hedging and is available to customers on a voluntary basis. This maintenance package provides different upgrades, hotfixes, support, service packs etc. to the subscribers.

What does this mean for my company?

The Enhancement Plan (maintenance contract) provides protection until 10 April 2018. After that, Microsoft will only supply security updates free of charge for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Other hotfixes, upgrades, service packs, etc. are offered at a fee.

This measure also affects the extra module ‘Wages and salaries for Switzerland’ of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

All further benefits of the enhancement plan of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 will be continued of course.

What are the consequences for my company?

One of the most frequent dilemmas for companies and the end users of the Microsoft Dynamics AX product is to generally decide between the two following options:

  • Upgrade to a newer version, or
  • Accept the situation and continue to work with the existing Dynamics AX 2009 ERP solution. When doing so, one must be aware that Microsoft no longer offers any free resources or non-security updates for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

As a global Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner, we recommend considering this step carefully, and to keep an eye on the risks accordingly. The legal changes, too, are affected by this and are not treated or evaluated any differently. These are likewise no longer implemented free of charge by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

What happens next?

The probability of a new critical stop error in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is rather unlikely.

We would like to once again emphasise and stress here that we, as a Dynamics AX partner, will support you in this matter! Modifications, Extensions and/or corrections in your Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 are always possible through our support!

Therefore, you can continue to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 even after 10 April 2018.

How should I proceed, if I would like to get an upgrade/release?

As a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 customer, you have likely concluded a running support contract for Dynamics AX 2009. This support contract secures you a complete investment protection and the right to license the ERP solution in a current version.

Should you be considering this, we will gladly support you and offer you valuable tips in that matter. In addition, we will gladly provide you with an offer for a release switch for your Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 application.

If you are prepared to take on this challenge, we are at your service. Our experts, who react to changing business demands with flexibility and great speed, can facilitate your transition to a newer version.

Would you like to find out more about the addressed topic on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009? Then do not hesitate and contact us. Our employees will gladly advise you and can offer detailed information on how to get the most out of your Dynamics AX 2009.

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