AlfaPeople Ecuador signed a strategic agreement with the company SISMETIC, leader in development solutions, electronic commerce and integration with custom systems.

Our commitment to our customers in helping them drive their sales to end customers and distributor customers through an e-commerce platform, our main added value with the solution is our natural, certified and certified integration to process with DATAFAST, a recognized gateway payment by debit card and credit card with extensive coverage in the country and with the best prices per transaction on the market.

The alliance offers a versatile platform, so that our clients have natural abilities to use product structures, that is, families and subfamilies, it has the management of types of clients, management of points, coupons, the crossing of discounts for purchase volumes, and various loyalty procedures for electronic purchases.

In addition to the above, the solution has a certified integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365, in addition to being able to function as a stand-alone solution (Stand Alone) or integrated with other ERPs or accounting financial systems.

Why is it important to have a certified online sales solution with an Ecuadorian payment button?

The reality of business today has changed radically, now more than ever it is necessary to have natural skills of direct sales through electronic portals since traditional means of direct payments in the office, bank or deposit are currently seen as obsolete due to the situation worldwide.

Within this change, we can highlight that companies will be able to better understand the consumption patterns of their natural clients or legal clients, and will be able to offer them better commercial conditions based on fast and live information that our platform naturally provides.

AlfaPeople is one of the world’s leading Microsoft Partners, we provide trusted implementation and support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business technologies. ¿Interested in being able to sell online with a pay button and have peace of mind in your operations? Contact our team of experts now.