It sounds redundant, I know. But there’s something that people usually forget when it comes time to recommend an implementation, and that is that Dynamics 365 allows you to create relationships with different contacts and companies.

Many of us who work in different customer-related areas are faced with constantly having to create different links: customer – supplier – colleagues – former employers – friends, even friends at previous jobs. However, we lose these contacts as time goes by, forgetting something very important in the process: these relationships could be very important for creating new contacts.

Things are a lot easier if the new person you’re going to interact with is a “friend of a friend”. That same premise can be applied to the business world. For example:

  • As a salesperson: Isn’t it easier to reach the person that makes the decision in a company if you have an acquaintance/friend/former colleague working there?
  • As customer service: Isn’t it easier to smooth over a possible issue if you already know the person you have to solve the problem with?

As with many other examples, we all tend to forget that human relationships are useful in all walks of life. Dynamics 365 helps you save those relationships.

There is a function called “Connect” in Dynamics 365‘s main registries that allows you to associate one registry with another through a connection. For example, our contact “Alfonso Casanova” is a co-worker of “Carolina Fernandez” at AlfaPeople Chile.

In Dynamics 365, in order to create a new connection, you have to open Alfonso Casanova’s registry and click on “Connect”.

Dynamics 365 Printscreen

It will show us a new “Connection” window in which we can search for Carolina Fernández and establish a “Co-worker” relationship in the “As this role” field.

Dynamics 365 Printscreen

We also recommend adding a description in order to clarify the relationship.

Dynamics 365 Printscreen

After saving and closing, a new Connection is created. In order to visualize it, you can go to Alfonso’s contact and see its associated registries. We can select his “Connections” from there.

Dynamics 365 Printscreen

This panel will display all of the connections Alfonso has with other people/companies that are registered in the system.

Dynamics 365 Printscreen

By knowing these relationships, you can get help with frequently asked questions/issues involving the entire organization. Using Alfonso’s same example:

  • Do you know someone that knows about the “A. Datum” company? Alfonso worked there.
  • I have a business opportunity, my client is Eva Colón, but it’s been hard to get in touch with her. Does anybody know her? Alfonso has been friends with her since they were kids.

This function will add capacity to the organization by knowing that perhaps we can get help from someone and facilitate conversations to create new connections, expand our network and increase our chances for success.

We mustn’t forget that this function is already built into the product, no additional implementations are required. If you would like a Dynamics 365 demo, contact us here.