The pillars of the modern supply chain – managing transformation and complexity.

The pillars of the modern supply chain – managing transformation and complexity.


Join our webinar and discover the pillars of the digital supply chain – allowing you to plan with confidence and flexibility.

Companies are currently facing ever-changing challenges and growing demands putting pressure on the global supply chain. Major issues include ongoing disruptions to global trade – as a result of the pandemic, trade tensions and geopolitical risks. Increased costs and longer lead times are the logical consequences.

Modern and international manufacturers should respond quickly to complex impacts such as demands, leading to stockouts and higher prices in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

The high demands of today’s customers, tight schedules and digital buying behavior put additional pressure on companies to coordinate orders on time.

How do you recognize the increasing complexity of the supply chain at an early stage and how can you control it in advance?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and AlfaPeople have the answers to those issues. Benefit from an experienced team that successfully implements a modern supply chain management solution!

Manage the transformation and the complexity and learn about important pillars of the digital transformation:

  • Modern & forward looking technology
  • Implementation method & flexible planning
  • Automation & collaboration with DevOps

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