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Leading CRM and AX partner

About us

The last 4 years AlfaPeople has built a strong and successful service catering for our customers with business-critical and complex Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Our goal is to provide a holistic service with a balanced width and depth ensuring a high productivity while still upholding the same advisory role you would expect from an analysis and design phase in a classic project-model. The main difference is, that we are not working with timelines and fixed scopes. We are working with high responsiveness, burn-rate, and shifting priorities.

Today, we are delivering more than 3.000 hours to more than 15 customers every month on this service. And we are receiving very high customer satisfaction scores while experiencing extensive growth. Join us and be a vital part of this journey.

Job description

Most of the daily operation is delivered directly between the customers and our very competent and experienced Offshore team. A vital part of this service is our ability to look up from the daily operation and provide perspective and direction for the customers. This is the responsibility of our new Solution Architect: To produce and deliver targeted consultancy services on how a specific customer should develop their specific Dynamics solution to create greater business value – and ensure that this strategy is reflected in their utilization of our service.

Key Responsibilities

As a Solution Architect in our Application Maintenance Service you have your own customer portfolio, and you have an Offshore team of highly skilled and experienced CRM architects and consultants to your disposal for the actual operation and implementation. Your main responsibilities are:

  • Display an expert level in understanding and modeling Microsoft Dynamics CRM and working together with both the customer and the Offshore team on solution design. And if necessary bridge any gaps between the customer and our Offshore team
  • Understand your customers’ business in such detail, that you can enlighten them on how to move, even more, processes into their Dynamics solution
  • Display deep knowledge on how various third-party solutions, integration tools, and Azure services can further strengthen your customers’ usage of their Dynamic solution
  • Be able to do all the above on 10 customers simultaneously

Travel time includes regular meetings with customers mainly in Denmark and 3 annual trips to our Offshore team in India.

What we expect

  • You are the kind of person who sees it as a hobby to always be updated on new Microsoft technology. And you can bridge your enthusiasm with the customers’ needs to create solutions with true business value
  • You are a skilled people-person who excel in meeting people on all levels. A strong personal relation is a cornerstone of a fruitful business relation
  • You can process and communicate discussions with your customer in a short and precise way ensuring that the Offshore team can pick it up and implement it
  • You can keep spirits up and the stress-level down when strategies are overtaken by reality. Plans wouldn’t be plans if they didn’t change

To apply for this job email your details to job.dk@alfapeople.com