How to ensure successful collaboration between Marketing and Sales

How to ensure successful collaboration between Marketing and Sales

Thursday, March 30th 2023, 9:00 CET

Join us and learn how you can ensure successful collaboration between your Marketing and Sales teams.

Marketing and Sales are two sides of the same Customer Experience. But do they actually work together to win customers?

There is no question that Marketing needs Sales and Sales needs Marketing.

Marketing can help Sales by establishing a good relationship with leads and to provide relevant content to support Sales when closing a deal.

On the other hand, Sales can help Marketing by sharing insights about pain points, interests and information from their dialogues with clients. This helps Marketing to keep a relevant messaging in campaigns and activities.

However, the collaboration is often worn out by poor communication, lack of processes and different KPI´s.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the Commercial team not only have a common understanding of goals, challenges, needs and behaviour, but also share:

  • Common goals and focus
  • Data insights
  • Customer Journey – from the first sign of interest from a potential client to a closed deal

At the center of it all is a CRM solution!

Don´t miss out on our upcoming webinar to be inspired by examples and insights into how a CRM solution will ensure successful collaboration between your Marketing team and your Sales team.