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Parature from Microsoft offers a cloud-based self-service portal, available in 36 languages, which helps organisations to deliver superior and personalised experiences. It empowers customers with self–service functionality and engages them across multiple channels. It takes service beyond standard ticketing by delivering searchable knowledge when and where needed.

Choose Parature from Microsoft for your organisation’s service platform to:

  • Increase your agents’ productivity, giving them the right tools to deliver excellent customer support
  • Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by providing timely customer service
  • Make your organisation into a customer experience leader in your industry, allowing you to outperform the market and leave competition behind.

Integrating Parature into your organisation means that you will be able to deliver real-time and consistent information to customers and employees across different channels: live chat, email, social, mobile and surveys & feedback. To enhance effectiveness and efficiency, your customers will be able to engage anywhere by using a simple and powerful ticketing solution.

As customer expectations grow year on year, customer service has become a differentiator to engage and retain them. With Parature you can help them by resolving issues or provide information quickly on first contact with a Customer Service Agent.

Your customers increasingly expect your organisation to offer a support portal. Parature a solution adaptable to the five most requested channels: email, telephone, live chat, search engine and online self-service.

Achieve consistent interaction with customers with one Service Desk interface.

Knowledge Management

Enables your organisation to connect the right person with the right knowledge at the right time. Creating, publishing and translating content is easier than ever with a user friendly interface. Knowledge management features make your knowledgebase stand out with rich media such as videos and images. With intelligent content search on the portal, you can be sure that only most relevant information is presented to your customers.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Ensures your knowledgebase is a single source of truth for agents and customers across all channels
  • Reduces the number of support calls and improves call handling times
  • Shortens time needed to train new agents

Benefits for your customers

  • Provides consistent answers across all support channels
  • Provides 24/7 access to information on multiple devices
  • Saves time with organised, searchable knowledge which delivers resolution on first contact

Parature’s Self–Service Portal

Parature’s Self–Service Portal provides branded experience that can be tailored to each customer. With self-service capabilities, customers are guided to their answers and direct enquires are addressed first-time, saving time and reducing costs. Portal can by styled and customised to match the look and feel and brand of your organisation for a seamless experience.
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Benefits to your organisation

  • Ensures 24/7 customer support and brand presence
  • Reduces calls volumes and repetitive questions
  • Gives agents more time to focus on more complex

Benefits to your customers

  • Saves time and increases customer satisfaction with first contact resolution
  • Keeps customers updated on products and services
  • Support on the go via mobile, social and web

Multi-Channel Platform

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Multi-Channel platform from Parature unifies the customer experiences across web, social, mobile and chat from one Service Desk interface. No matter which channel the customer chooses, interactions are consistent with chat deployable on multiple websites and supported by the central knowledgebase.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Serves as a single management platform for all channels: email, ticket, knowledgebase, chat social and mobile
  • Provides a 360 degree view of the customer across all channels
  • Optimises business processes and leverages a unified knowledgebase

Benefits for your Customers

  • Empowers customers to use their preferred channel for support
  • Ensures the answers and brand messaging is consistent across all channels
  • Increases customer loyalty by providing a personalised service

Internal Service Productivity

Provides your organization with a single place to keep and maintain information that addresses the most important and common employee questions.

Customer Self-Service

Your customers can use a self-service portal to answer their questions which reduces the number of incoming calls ensures you deliver a more efficient service.

Provide Agents with first class Knowledge Management capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, powered by Parature. Parature knowledge can be seamlessly integrated into agents’ daily customer service interactions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including the ability to both search and receive automated suggestions, empowering them to deliver even better customer service.

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