Choosing Code-K to Connect IT Systems

The Connector uses a variety of methods and web-based services with full Microsoft support for superior reliability.  The two-directional integration is via XML, reading files and text separated by any character.  It transmits data to the legacy systems in place, updating or deleting information to create clean data sets in the Dynamics CRM environment, with reports generating integration performance data on a regular basis.  Code-K has subsequently developed a second core integration product, the CTI Connector, performing integration with phone systems using the TAPI protocol.  This high-performing solution enables clients to make, receive and transfer calls more easily, with the ability to search for a range of information, including telephone numbers, within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Clients will benefit from automatic call recording and simultaneous and sequential monitoring from a number of entities.

Code-K provides a number of other add-on services, which along with the two Connector products are exclusively designed and integrated to Dynamics CRM.

The LiveChat service supports online customer contact operations within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment.  A key benefit is the ability to run this on-premise, hosted via a partner or in the cloud, all offering main market functionalities with full parametrization, operation and monitoring modules.  Its features include:

  • The ability to personalise each visitor’s screen layout;
  • A unique screen concept for both chat and operations services;
  • Operator and service hours settings, with an option to define the number of concurrent chats;
  • An integrated control of Service Protocol;
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  • Subject and pre-defined phrase configuration, plus shortcuts to those phrases;
  • An online visualisation of all active chats and each operator’s history;
  • At the end of each chat, visitors can be offered a post-service satisfaction survey; and
  • Managers can monitor all live chats and access reports for evaluating their operation’s performance.

Code-K provides a Migration Service Application tool that aids the migration of a Dynamics CRM database backup over to a new online environment, offering:

  • A data migration component, utilising Code-K’s superior interconnectivity technology;
  • System attachment imports as well as custom entitled data migration and the recording of creation dates; and
  • Referential integrity.

All this is possible together, with workflows that can be produced during migration or turned off entirely.

Portal Management is an exciting platform available for clients to create websites that are integrated with the Dynamics CRM solution.  This means the actions and input from customers, partners and suppliers feed directly into Dynamics CRM.  Based on Microsoft Standards (SDK), Portal Management includes:

  • Real-time integration;
  • Customisation options for every new website page using a ‘drag-and-drop’ tool;
  • Fully-responsive web services which adapt to any user’s device type and screen size; and
  • High extensibility.

Portal Management is also available to use independently of Dynamics CRM.

A unique set of implementation methodologies and resources designed with service, sales and marketing teams in mind is available to clients under the Start&Go™ sub-brand.  The aim of all three products is to enable companies to efficiently and simply identify meaningful improvements to processes and service controls.  Developed with AlfaPeople Brazil, these solutions are especially relevant to the real estate industry as well as to contact centre and shared service centre (SSC) operations. Start & Go Marketing, Start & Go Sales and Start & Go Services can be integrated into the same corresponding modules in Dynamics CRM as well as Microsoft Social Engagement and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

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