Dias |
Jun 10, 2022


Public Sector
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Business Needs

The Fund of Solidarity and Social Investment (FOSIS) is part of the Chilean Government’s Ministry of Social Development. Created in 1990, it has a remit to support poor and extremely vulnerable people to improve their quality of life by securing their greater social protection and economic inclusion. With a budget of over 50 million Chilean Pesos, it designs and implements Entrepreneurship, Work and Social Development programs which support around 120,000 individuals from 15 regional and 20 provincial offices.

With an extensive number of offices spread throughout the country, FOSIS began to search for the next generation of integrated technology solutions to support their work, reduce the number of individual processes and enable it to become a more efficient, coordinated and successful organisation. These goals formed part of its management-defined mission which is to create: “Leading strategies to overcome poverty and the vulnerability of individuals, families and communities and help to reduce inequalities in innovative and participative ways”.

A new single technology solution would reduce the number of internal systems in use, as well as their associated maintenance and support costs, and generate customised reporting and improved management information. It is part of a much larger project which involves Fixed Assets in Phase A and end in 2018 with full implementation of all business processes and back office functions in Phase B.

A key requirement in this project is that the chosen technology could feed in information from every location, categorising assets, individuals and families as well as where they live, study and work, in order to build up an accurate central database of the people that FOSIS supports and its assets.

Phase A would involve the institution’s fixed assets, inventory codes, location control and the assigned people responsible. A document management system would be critical to track the execution of what would then become standardised asset processes. It needed to be scaleable and future-proof as the organisation evolves, hosting information which could be referenced anywhere, anytime.


Due to the critical work that FOSIS carries out for the citizens of Chile, it decided to search for a cloud-based solution from a respected international provider. Its final choice, Microsoft Dynamics AX, along with IT partner AlfaPeople, would fit their specific needs, providing a solution which was painless to establish into the organisation, provide flexibility and an excellent support model. It also had to be capable of interoperability with Government systems, ensuring compliance with a number regulations set out by the Comptroller General of the Republic (IPSAS), which is responsible for overseeing the use of public sector assets. With an easy-to-use interface, it would crucially integrate and unify with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in order that both could support all business processes and the organisation as a whole in the long term.

The implementation of the ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, in Phase A was to be managed in four stages and would generate information to support a high quality of decision-making by the management team. Users would be able to access information about every asset based on queries by quantity, location and history. Adding significant value to FOSIS’s operations, each asset can have an automatically-generated unique number and bar code assigned, to create more accurate identification and aid geo-referencing. In the first stage of Phase A, greater control and financial figures would be possible over any depreciation and expenses of fixed assets and their current status, all structured within flexibly-defined categories and available in the SIGFE accounting system.


Detailed information supporting the control of fixed assets

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides FOSIS with detailed asset information, including the sum total provided to each group, which is now available to Accounting and ensures robust control mechanisms as a result.

Code unification and code management

With the design and definition of the processes that AlfaPeople established, FOSIS is now able to unify coding and code generation of the entire group sets of each asset. Similarly, with Microsoft Dynamics AX, FOSIS can manage a single code for inventory handling for each asset, including individual bar codes if required.

Asset allocation

FOSIS now has complete control over the allocation of fixed assets using Microsoft Dynamics AX. A history of assignments, the locations and the people in charge of fixed assets are all instantly available at central, regional and provincial levels.