“The Group sought a solution to improve their financial, logistical and productive administrative processes, based on the implementation of a world class information system, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX.”

Business Needs

Colors Codelpa Pacific Group is a group of companies which integrates several brands of paint that were initially distinct companies in the industry. It is the second largest company in the competitive paint market in Chile. They are leaders in delivering products and solutions for several areas including: Architectural, Construction, Industrial, Marine and Automotive, among others.

Founded in 1933 and dedicated to the household segment and decorative paints, they deliver a high standard of quality and service to their customers. In 2004 Ceresita had to develop a growth strategy to address the different lines, so they incorporated Soquina into their portfolio, another major company in the industry of decorative painting. In 2005, they acquired Chilcorrofín, a paint factory which specializes in waterproofing paints and floor coverings. Through this opportunity they took over Pinmor, a participant in the automotive industry, and Sipa paint, paint division specialists.

The Group also extends its products to industrial companies in sectors such as mining, forestry, metallurgical and fishing, while the Industrial Division of Ceresita industries consists of High Performance paints and coatings. They also offer a specialized technical assistance service as well as engineering specifications and distributors.Read More

In the ongoing search for innovation as the core of business development in all areas, especially in the following: Technical Area, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Product Development and services with high added value. The Group required a solution that would allow you to change the administrative systems at that time, consolidating them into a single ERP platform, and integrated with Business Intelligence systems(BI), Enterprise Portal and maintaining interfaces with ViaWare (logistics operator which handled the Distribution Center) and Winper (solution for renumeration payment).

From the organizational point of view, the ERP solution should support the following companies: Sipa, Ceresita, Soquina, Chilcorrofín, and other companies that are part of holding such as Industrial Paints, Dedicated to deliver advertising services, Diproima, Points of Sale and the Alcones Real Estate.

The Group sought a solution to improve their financial, logistical and productive administrative processes, based on the implementation of a world class information system, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, a solution that would allow it to achieve significant productivity gains, improve customer service and deliver timely analysis of information management in the various business cycles that make up the operation of the Group companies. After a preliminary analysis between SAP solutions and Dynamics AX to meet the needs of the business, the Group chose Dynamics AX as a solution to achieve their business goals and productivity in their processes and decided to rely on AlfaPeople as their long term Business Partner and to maintain records at local, regional and international levels.

Microsoft Dynamics AX should support ongoing and timely management in decision making for those responsible and measure compliance with the objectives, in addition to reducing the gap that exists between the current IT support and business strategy.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX will achieve the following:

  • Scalability that would support the growth of Holding, both the number of employees and companies.
  • Flexibility to support future development of complex business processes that require the business strategy.
  • Integration, a platform for all companies in the Holding, thereby avoiding duplication, delay in timing and inaccurate information.
  • Risk reduction, a solution that ensures operational continuity and eliminates the need to depend on specific people to solve problems with continuity or new developments.


To implement Microsoft Dynamics AX, a solution that the integrated operations of all business processes and operations management from the following companies should consider: Ceresita S.A., Soquina Paint S.A., Chilcorrofin Chemical Society S.A., Sipa Paint, Industrial Paint S.A. (Roll Out), Diproima S.A. (Roll Out), Alcones Real Estate S.A. (Roll Out).

AlfaPeople implements Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in the Financial and Accounting, Commercial-Logistic and Manufacturing processes, along with a large number of their own business model adaptations of the Codelpa Group and integration with ViaWare WMS system. This is a complete implementation process that allowed for crossover and full functionality offered by Dynamics AX 2009, including workflows, alerts, business intelligence and reports, cubes, collaborative environment as Enterprise Portal Framework and Customer Role, among others.

With the collaboration of AlfaPeople as Business Partner in the implementation, proper integration, as well as operation and evolution of the solution, was a guarentee. This delivered added value in the training for several people within Codelpa who had deep functional and technical expertise of AX 2009. This has allowed the Group to be self-sustaining over the 4 years of operation, while continuing to think ahead about innovation and improving its technological infrastructure with the flexibility and scalability that Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers.


Better Planning

Microsoft Dynamics AX enabled Ceresita to have better short and medium term production planning, considering the needs related to replacement stock and special orders, such as decreased stock breaks, reduced investment in stock of finished products and the decrease of finished, immobilized products.


With the definition and implementation of planning purchases of raw materials, increased accuracy of purchases according to the needs of manufacturing in the 3 levels was achieved, in addition to reducing breakdowns of raw materials stock, investment in that stock and decreased immobilized raw materials.


It has enabled traceability of income, modification, approval and / or elimination of transactions according to agreed definitions of the model within Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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