In the course of the harmonization of the payment transactions, the methods and notification types will change in the areas of money transfers, debit entries, pay-in/deposit slips as well as notifications.

The implementation of the new payment transactions will occur in three phases:

1. Phase by then end of 2017: changeover of transfers, debit entries and notification for customers of PostFinance
2. Phase by then end of 2019: changeover of transfers, debit entries and notification for customers of banks
3. Phase as of 2020: new pay-in/deposit slip

PostFinance explains the harmonization of payment transactions in the following brief video:

This changeover is based on the ISO20022 standard, in which the notifications are transferred in an electronic exchange via XML. Moreover, there is merely one single deposit slip and the payment files of the PostFinance and of the banks are the same.

How much time do you have?

  • As a first step, the EZAG (electronic payment order) and DTA (data medium exchange) files will no longer be processed.
  • The deadline for the old payment files is 01.01.2018. After this date, PostFinance will no longer process EZAG files and will only accept XML formats.
  • The other financial institutes will follow by mid-2018, according to plan. From then on, no further old formats (DTA) will be processed as a payment transaction.
  • The productive use of the QR bill will be possible until early 2019. For now, a temporary end date for the payment slips has been set for the end of 2020.

What does that mean for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers?

The harmonization of payment transactions requires Microsoft Dynamics AX to be adapted. The technical base of Microsoft Dynamics AX supports the new payment transaction system.

What we offer:

  • Planning the implementation
  • AX update for ISO20022
  • Professional and technical support for the implementation, test phase and roll-out

Now it is up to you to find out which areas are relevant for you.

Simply look through the following table. Should you answer any processes with ‘Yes’, simply contact us and we will jointly implement the changeover.

Processes used today Module Is used: Yes/No
DTA creditors
Read payment/deposit slip creditors
Document reader type/brand creditors
Read ESR file debtors
Invoice with payment/deposit slip debtors
Direct debit process debtors
Import bank account statements bank

For further Informationas please contact our helpdesk: