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To successfully market a brand in 2016, marketing and digital professionals must use a myriad of innovative ways to engage existing and future customers, by being experts in experience creation.  In doing so, marketers dovetail their digital marketing strategy with overall business objectives.  To help enable and empower this community of professionals to achieve this aim, Sitecore™ provides a framework and set of platforms for communicating the right content to the right person, in the right place at the right time – all based on insight from the individual’s previous actions.  The concept of personalised marketing is now combined and layered with context about the customer, in order to build loyalty and engagement, provide them with what they want or need in the channel they choose and at the same time improve a marketing performance.

For today’s forward-thinking brands, Sitecore™ provides five key benefits, including:

A platform designed specifically for creating contextualised experiences. Clients can engage customers on a 121 basis, making use of contextual intelligence, robust content management and omni-channel automation to design each interaction;

The ability to build a 360 o view of every customer interaction is made possible with the Sitecore® Experience Profile™. Mapped from the first contact through to today, clients have access to comprehensive and meaningful customer profiles, compiled from information pulled in through each marketing channel and held in one knowledge centre;

A strong content management system (CMS) is the cornerstone of every successful marketing strategy. Sitecore’s web CMS, the Experience Platform, allows clients to combine email, marketing automation, ecommerce, optimisation tools, multi-channel personalisation, social media and analytics to define, oversee and manage the end-to-end customer journey. The output will be a series of communications which increase the chances of sales conversions and the ability to deliver the customer experience on smartphones, tablets and desktops;

Changes to marketing content are inevitable, but made easier and more consistent with Sitecore. Its market-leading CMS platform supports an endless number of seamlessly-integrated and contextualised customer experiences, backed up by robust product information management capability, to merchandise and price products and services; and

Sitecore® AIDA™ stands for ‘Analysis Insights Decisions Automation. It is the engine-room of a client’s marketing analysis and insight function, providing a framework within which to gather, manage, evaluate and analyse all the information about customers based on their behaviours, preferences and decisions made from any digital channel. AIDA™ is an indispensable and powerful way to form insights and increase results from marketing campaigns.

Included in the powerful range of Sitecore’s functionalities to support brand and digital marketers are:

  • The ability to coordinate orders and related information such as prices, promotions, taxes and discounts, generated from both digital and offline channels, underpins a consistent customer experience;
  • Storefront Solutions, which supports the creation (including access to a template storefront to speed builds up) and maintenance of storefronts for multiple countries and legal entities within the structure of one deployment;
  • Advanced omni-channel proficiency, due to the full-service feature-set provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX. Covering loyalty programmes, real-time inventory from every store location, ecommerce, click and collect services, order management with returns and customer service, digital experiences related to all these services are enhanced by Sitecore; and
  • Synchronisation and publishing capabilities to support high-traffic digital experiences, as a result of combining all the data collected from Dynamics AX and Sitecore’s Commerce Catalog.

To further add value to marketing and digital professionals in the retail and ecommerce industries, Sitecore and Microsoft recently developed Sitecore Commerce 8 Powered by Microsoft Microsoft® Dynamics™ for Dynamics AX. This unique solution helps retailers to build seamless customer experiences – refined based on visitors’ digital choices, devices and behaviours – combined with real-time, multi-channel order management.

To comprehensively advance your brand’s ability to market in context and communicate to new and existing customers what you do best, Sitecore could be the answer.

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